10 Smile Tuesdays

The saga of the sick continues over here in Amyland. We finally took the kids to the doctor this AM and found out little Ms. Anna has an ear infection and Lil has strep throat. Michael is on his way to the doctor as I write and hopefully they will say it is nothing with him. My throat is a bit raw today, but I’m hoping it’s just the power of suggestion. I’m headed to Mexico tomorrow for 6 days and feeling sick would kind of stink. Blah.

So, in light of all that cheery news, there have been some smiles around here since last I wrote.
1. VBS program. Lilla is in the blue dress. He, he.

2. Canoeing. I didn’t get to go, but Michael and some other guys take their girls on a daddy daughter canoe trip annually and Lil just loves it. Can’t wait until Anna is old enough too!

3. And speaking of VBS, what a fun summer it has been for Lilla getting to do VBS at 5 different churches. She had such a blast and really enjoyed all the different themes and stories and games. This has been a good summer for her. I think it’s been a good summer for Anna too, as she has been able to get some mommy and daddy alone time that she has not been afforded in the past.
4. Funny. Laughter is just the best when we are feeling so under the weather and it’s the small things that make you smile. The other day I was asking Lilla if she could help Daddy while I’m gone on a trip for 5 days. She replied, “Oh alright, but I’m not changing any diapers!” LOL
5. Despicable. I never take Lilla to the movie, it’s always a daddy thing to do with her, (and will be for Anna too, when she’s old enough!) but when a friend invited us I got to and we saw Despicable Me. I had never even heard of it before, but I loved it. So cute and such a great message. Will definitely be buying this one!

6. Pizza. This is going to seem so lame in the grand scheme of things, but we live out in the country and for three years no one has delivered pizza to us. We just found out Papa John’s changed their rules and delivers now. Yay!! I tell ya, it’s the little things. 🙂
7. 30 Kids. Last week at our VBS, we saw 30 kids come to Christ. 30 Kids whose lives can be changed forever. I’m not taking that for granted at all. (And seriously, pizza looks really lame compared to that big dog! LOL)
8. Jam. The boysenberries are finally growing this year in my yard and I was able to harvest enough to make 5 half quarts of boysenberry jam. Oh my goodness, it is so good! Love my strawberry jam too, but this is running in a dead heat with it for sure!
9. Dollar spot. I love the dollar spot at Target. Seriously, I just think it’s great. This week they had a ton of stuff that will be great for homeschooling kindergarten. $1 boxes of flashcards, like presidents and landmarks and animals. $1 tools like a big spongy clock to teach time. $1 classics like Peter Pan and Huckleberry Finn. And, some fun workbooks too. Love it!
10. And, speaking of schooling, I love this time of year when school supplies are so cheap. We’ve gotten all the necesseties for so cheap, and Lilla really enjoys having all of these supplies all her own. It’s really getting us geared up for what’s coming up very soon.
What are you smiling about this week?

Blog Hop

Lately I’ve been wanting to find some new blogs to read, and I found this blog hopping/following party on a blog that follows mine, so I thought I’d play along.

Ah Chooooooo

Today is one of those days. One of those days when everyone in our house is sick. We haven’t been all summer, and it has been very nice. Last week was VBS though, and you can bet that the nursery had the germies. Doesn’t it always? My friend, who’s son now has bronchitis due to this same VBS nursery, was speaking to me today and said, “I’m thinking, Lord, I just served you all week at VBS, shouldn’t that at least get me a healthy kid for the week?”

Cute. And you know I’d already thought of that too, but of course it doesn’t work that way. We are never promised any special treatment or favors or healthy kids when we are serving.

My old pastor contracted podoconiosis while on a mission trip in Asia. That was some 20 years ago I think, and he still suffers with the side effects today. Corrie ten Boom, a strong Christian woman who saved many Jews, suffered in a prison camp in Germany during the Holocaust, where her sister then died. On July 5, Behnam Sabti, a Christian, died instantly when a bomb exploded under his car in Mosul, Iraq, according to VOM Canada and Asia News. According to local reports, Behnam was killed because of his “religious identity.”

Does any of that mean that God loves Corrie or my pastor or Behnam or my own daughter for that matter, any less? No, of course not. Does Jesus death on the cross mean that God loved Jesus any less? No, of course not.

I like how Corrie ten Boom, who I mentioned earlier and whose book, The Hiding Place, you should really read if you have not before, put it, “God does not have problems. Only plans.” And her sister? Who died inside the camp? Before she died she is quoted as saying to Corrie, ““There is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper still.”

And those, those are words to live by.

Saturday Photo Hunt – Hanging

This week at VBS, the older kids played tug of war. They were HANGING on to that rope for dear life! In the front is a friend’s son, he was yelling at me, “Stop taking pictures!!” He, he!
To participate in the hunt or to see other pictures, go to http://tnchick.com

The journey begins

There were crafts.

There were friends.

There was praise.

There were snacks.

There was teaching.

There were games.

There was water.

There were big fuzzy guys.

There was drama.

There was dancing.

And there was another year of VBS.

A walk in the park

Today, I took Anna for a walk in the park.

She wore a little white hat.
With the flower on the top.

I took a lot of pictures.
She watched the ducks.

And relaxed on a bench.

And worked hard not to trip on the path.

What a nice way to spend a day.

10 Smile Tuesday – Fair Edition

I have just a short window before I have to take Lilla to VBS this morning, so, this is going to be a 10 smiles in pictures post! We live in the county seat for our small county, so our 4-H fair is just down the street from us every year. We love to go there for family time several times amongst the 10 days since it’s fun and best of all, FREE! Yay for free! Anyway, here are some smiles from this years event…
This goat wanted my ring…

When I pulled away, he jumped up here to come after it. 🙂

Anna was terrified, and I mean, terrified of the animals. When she saw the goats though, she was in love. We had no crying after that. That was definitely worth a smile!
The llamas are funny. 🙂

Lilla was terrified of this roller coaster. She was such a big girl, she didn’t cry, but let me assure you, it was a white knuckle trip the whole way!
This, however, was not!
He’s saying, “Hey little girl, could you help a pig out with the gate right there?”
Chillin’ in the car, waiting for her onion rings…
Michael shaved his head. Oh my…
What are you smiling about today?

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