And such…

I keep wondering why it has been so long in between blog posts this year.
I used to be so regular.
I constantly had funny or interesting tales or insights (at least I thought they were) that I couldn’t wait to share with the world.
I loved sitting down and just writing away.
So I’m left wondering, what happened to all of that cleverness.
Then, I look around.
There are school books, papers and videos stacked everywhere it seems.
The dust is like an inch thick.
My husband washed the dishes and Lilla commented that she didn’t ever remember seeing our sink so empty.
Anna just got potty trained. This week I say!! PARTY!! She still makes me go in the bathroom with her while she goes #2 though. That is oh so much fun and always at a convenient hour.
We have to get in as many Santa visits as humanely possible.
My husband just asked me today if I could make his whole team cookies and candy and other goodies for a Christmas thing on Friday.
Oh, and there is that whole party thing going on in just a week and a half to celebrate the big 3!! Uh, I might want to plan that.
I have a counselee that comes to see me every week. It still blows my mind that they let me do that. Seriously, me?
I have things like letter blends and spelling rules made into silly little songs plastered in my brain that take over.
I have to lay in bed with that soon to be 3 year old every night while we pet each others hair and sing praise and worship songs to each other.
I had a whole laundry basket of socks to try to match up today. It is shocking how many don’t have a friend.
I have an upper respiratory infection too that required a Dr. visit today.
I have to teach a little person to read. This is much harder than it looks.
Oh, and my bathroom looks like Toys R’ Us hit it.
I can’t find the other ballet shoe.
Let’s not even mention the car…
Huh, I wonder, why is it again I’m not blogging? 🙂