There’s Something about that name

Every day at naptime and bedtime, the peanut has a real struggle going to sleep. She fights it and, to say the least, is not happy about it. So, we’ve created a routine that we turn the lights off, grab her baby and bankie (blanket) and cuddle up with her in the chair and singContinue reading “There’s Something about that name”

Present day martyrs

I cannot believe I had not heard this story before today. In recent news I’ve heard about Halle Berry getting pregnant by her boyfriend, Britney Spears losing custody of her kids and Keifer Sutherland getting another DUI. Yeah, that’s what is important in our world. On September 28th in Kano, Nigeria in a school ofContinue reading “Present day martyrs”

Three Wooden Crosses

I don’t normally listen to country music but when I was on the way to Storytime at the library today I was flipping through the stations and just happened to land on the local one.  A familiar tune came over the waves followed by a song I’d not heard before.  I almost flipped the stationContinue reading “Three Wooden Crosses”