Wordless Wednesday – Wading the Waters Together


It had to be you

Has there ever been a time in your life when something almost supernatural happened and you just said, “Huh?”

Well, that was us this past week. For the last two months, since Anna was in the NICU, we have been dreading getting the medical bills. We actually got the bill, which was $33,000, a couple weeks ago. Nope, our little Anna is NOT a cheap date! 🙂 We had not been sent our part of that bill by the hospital and we were just dreading getting it in the mail.

As many of you know, we’ve been going through financial peace university at church. We’ve talked about our struggle with the medical bills multiple times and how we were having a hard time working out finances as we didn’t know what they would be until we got the bills. So, our wonderful class has been praying for us and we’ve been waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

Well, Friday we got the bill. We owe $600. Yes, you heard me right, out of $33,000, we owe $600!!!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!

Anna Noelle = Priceless

Something beautiful

Do you see something beautiful in these pictures?

I do.

This morning when Lilla woke up, the first thing she said to me was, “Where Daddy?” Wednesdays he has off of work so I replied he was in the garage working on the car. He said she could come out there with him so I got her ready and headed her out. A short while later I went in the garage to check on her, just in case Michael got busy and she “got away”. This is the sight I saw. My little girl watching Daddy working. Just content to watch Daddy work.

My own dad left us when I was 1. We did go to his house every other weekend, but that is never the same. I wish every parent who leaves their family, and they can tell themselves all they want it’s the spouse they are leaving, but it’s not, it’s the whole family, would understand this. It IS NOT the same. When you don’t live with your children, you miss out on them. No matter how often you see them, you miss out. You miss out on bathtime and bedtime and hugs and kisses, you miss out on meals and laughter and occassional fights and wishes. It cannot be manufactured.

So, when I see my little girl, just wanting to be with her daddy, and her daddy obliging, I can’t help but be thankful. And say, this is something beautiful.

10 Smile Tuesday

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe how fast the last week went. The days are getting longer, which is so welcome, but it seems like they are going faster too! It seems as though since Anna was born, I blink and it is tomorrow. That should just be a reminder, I suppose, to enjoy ever moment. They are gone all too soon!

With that, here are some of the smiles that took up this past week…

1. Lilla turned 3! I still have a hard time not saying she’s 2, my goodness I still feel as though she is a baby in so many ways. She’s a big girl now, and it just blows my mind!

2. On the topic of big girls, she is finally starting to potty train. For months now she will only hold it if she’s a nudey, never if she has clothes on. The past week has been the turning point. On her birthday she woke up and said, “I’m a big girl now, no more diapers.” She has had some accidents, but overall, it’s looking good for the home team!

3. Silly string. I bought some goody bags for Lilla and my nieces, and in the two older girls bags was silly string. They had a difficult time pushing the button but boy they had fun taking out my sister’s yard with it. Good times!

4. Chuck E Cheese. I have to admit, I’m most happy to say, this is not quite a smile for me but for the peanut. My husband, brother in law and brother took the girls to Chuck E Cheese for some birthday fun while us girls went to Olive Garden for dinner. That is all the peanut wanted for her birthday, to go to Chuck E Cheese with her cousin, no party, so that is what we did. And, she loved it!

5. Birthday lunch with my family. OK, I must admit, it’s not like she had no kind of party. My family (all 12 of us) went out to eat to celebrate her birthday. There were balloons and presents and a cake. You only turn 3 once after all! This is her kissing my parents (Grandma and Grandpa with a pool, as she calls them!) saying thank you!6. Birthday lunch with Michael’s family. On Sunday, like 8 of Lilla’s cousins (and some of their friends) came over to Michael’s parent’s home where we celebrated her again with more cake and presents. Now that was a ready made party!

7. Almost paid off car. We got our tax refund back this week and all but $500 of our car is now paid off and we are down to 1 credit card! Woo hoo! Now that, is good news!

8. Lunch with Gracie. My friend Shelly has a daughter named Gracie that is a year and a half older than Lilla and she just loves her. We spend tons of time with them, and every Friday after MOPS we go out to lunch with them. They have such a good time together and play silly games like, “This napkin is a hat on my head.” Fun stuff!
9. Loving on Anna. Last week we were over at my in-laws and my nieces and nephew were all lined up to hold Anna. Just too stinkin sweet!
10. Let it snow! For the past two weeks (before Friday) we got dumped on with snow, and so we had to go have some fun in it. We went to my sister’s house last week where she pulled the kids on the sled, which they thought was great fun!
And some more for the road…

What made you smile this week?

Happy Birthday Baby!

Today was my peanut’s 3rd birthday. Three years since our lives changed forever. Three years since I learned what unconditional love is all about. Three years since our house has been hosed down in a pepto bismal fashion. 🙂 Three years since I sat crying in a delivery room full of people because I loved a baby so much I was devastated at the thought of returning to work. Three years since my husband loved us so much he said we’d find a way for me to be with that baby. Three years since beauty became a breath, a little laugh and blonde pigtails.

What a great three years it has been. Too fast, for sure, but altogether lovely. I am so thankful to the maker and author of my life for putting my little peanut in it. Indescrible love and joy.

Happy 3rd birthday Lilla Michel. You are one loved little girl!

Mother of the year, I am not…

The other day our whole family was sitting at the dinner table, and Lilla was being her usual, very goofy self. She was laughing and giggling about who knows what, and out of my, not so thoughtful, mouth comes, “Lilla, get off the crack!”

Lilla looks questionably at me and says, “I not on crack!”

I laughingly respond, “Lilla, do you know what crack is?” (Being not quite 3, it is highly doubtful!)

She barely bats an eye and says in her sing song way, “Humpty dumpty sat on a wall, humpty dumpty had a great fall!”

My word, I thought, how thankful I am for the eyes of innocence in my child, and how they give me a completely different perspective on a very jaded world.

Lamentations 3:22, 23 Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed,
for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.