Saturday Photo Hunt – Flexible

This was a hard one for me and took some time. The only thing I could come up with was a photo from last summer. My husband caught this poor catfish on the belly. Ouch! He lived though and all was right with the world. LOL

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Saturday Photo Hunt – Classic

After our wedding the car we rode off in was a real classic. My stepfather’s 1965 Mercedes!

Saturday Photo Hunt, Pink

A few posts down I posted some photos from our little photo shoot the other day. The dress the peanut was wearing was definitely pink. I played with it in photoshop to make it pop out. I seriously have no idea how I did it but it’s kind of cool, eh?

Saturday Photo Hunt – Practical

For my bachelorette party my friend got me this pair of underwear that says Booty Queen on them. What can be more practical than underwear, right?

My daughter’s crib goes from a crib to a toddler bed to a twin bed. That’s pretty practical.

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Saturday Photo Hunt – Smelly

Here are the two smelliest things at our house. When the wind is blowing just right, our chickens can give off a really smelly odor. And our dog, well, let’s just say she’s a beagle. Yup, smelly! We love her all the same.To see more photos or join in the hunt, go to

Saturday Photo Hunt

See how curvy the dog’s tail is? Do you think she knew it was about to be grabbed?!?! The picture is of my daughter with the dog we had for one week, Daisy. We had to take her back on Thursday because she kept escaping from our yard. Being that we have a 6 foot buried fence you’d think she couldn’t, but she kept finding ways. We are so sad. Unfortunately, we live on a very busy road and she probably would have been killed sooner or later.