Saturday Photo Hunt – Colorful

We went to Disney World last week. They have a shopping area there called Downtown Disney. It’s got an awesome lego store that you can pick out the amount, type and color of legos you want. I took this with the Kodak I carry in my purse so the resolution is not great, but I think you must get the hint in how COLORFUL that place truly is!

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Saturday Photo Hunt – Hanging

This week at VBS, the older kids played tug of war. They were HANGING on to that rope for dear life! In the front is a friend’s son, he was yelling at me, “Stop taking pictures!!” He, he!
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Saturday Photo Hunt – Free

Blackberries picked along a trail.

Flowers growing wild through a field behind our house.

A little league game.
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Saturday Photo Hunt – Tied

These days, my 10 month old needs to be TIED down! 🙂

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Saturday Photo Hunt – Upside Down

I recently did an impromptu photo shoot for a friend that was having a baby the next day. She was such a good sport to lay upside down, in the grass, on a woodpile that kept falling apart…anything I asked. Super fun!

Saturday Photo Hunt – Surprise

I love taking random pictures of people/places. This one I took at the Indiana State Fair last week. I thought this little old man just screamed the state fair. He was so adorable eating his ice cream from the Dairy Barn. However, immediately after I snapped this picture he looked up at me with the oddest expression. He was certainly surprised by me taking this shot!

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Saturday Photo Hunt – Walking

Photo Hunt theme this week: Walking

Anna does not like to just be held while we are sitting down, so we walk…A LOT with her.
This picture is of my husband just strolling around our living room watching House or LOST
I think, while he was walking with her.

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