10 Smile Tuesdays

Summer is such a great time. We are busy swimming, eating watermelon, going to get togethers, travelling, taking walks, having cookouts, building gardens, harvesting the goods…so much to do, so little time. Unfortunately, my blog suffers as a result, hence why my posts are so far and between. We did have a super independence day though so I wanted to give a quick 10 favorite smiles of the past weekend. Hope you were able to celebrate our freedoms in great ways too!
1. This was actually toward the end of the weekend, late Monday, when I snapped this from the side. Can you tell Lilla had absolutely nothing left?

2. Anna, cracking everyone up with “Touchdown, Colts!!”
3. We have our own little fireworks show at my parent’s every year. And who doesn’t love a little lighting up of the sky on the 4th?
4. And what would the 4th be without a little glowstick action too?
5. My brother in law’s family always has a big get together too and no party is complete without the volleyball competition.
6. And we lived in our bathing suits all weekend.
7. Because everywhere we went there was water. And we loved it!
8. Well, sometimes we loved it.
9. And Anna toted around all the rugged, drug through the dirt, scruffy stuffed animals and dog toys she could find.
10. Oh, and of course, because it is summer, there had to be a nudey baby walking the streets!
How did you celebrate your independence?