House of Pain

So as you may remember from a few weeks ago, we lost our minds and got a puppy. Buddy, the wondermutt. That’s him in the pic, clearly. He actually is a total lover and sweet. Besides the occasional pee pee on my carpet, this dog has really turned out to be a good one.

However, Buddy has not been without his problems. What I’m about to tell you, all I could think at the time was, “Oh why, oh why do these random things happen to me?”

So, last week I had a friend over for a visit. We were going along our merry ways when she said, “Um Amy, is there something wrong with your dog?” I looked back in the general direction where she was pointing and noticed his, um, thingy sticking out to what could only be described at an extremely abnormal extent. A good three inches I tell you. Yeah, I’ve NEVER seen anything like that in my life. It was obviously bothering the poor mutt as he licked it helplessly. Yeah, it was a lovely moment in our lives.

Anyway, we decided to call the vet who told us to get some KY Jelly and try to rub…yes, I said RUB…it back inward. Now, let me tell you that the thought of that to me just gives me the shivers. My lovely friend, Claudia, and God love Claudia, who just had a boy this past summer, (and so said she’s used to looking at and touching the male anatomy) took the KY and really tried to work it back in. To no avail I tell you.

Fortunately, my husband was just arriving home so I sent him packing out the door with the dog in tow to the midnight doggy hospital where they proceeded to charge us $233.66 to get IT back in.

As can be expected, my friend looked at me and said, “Amy, why is it that whenever I’m with you weird things like that are always happening?”

Good question Claudia, good question.


As I Am…

OK, so I really do have a reason for my lack of blogging this week. No, not a bunch of more excuses. Talk about busy, look what I got Michael for Christmas…

Introducing Buddy!!

No, I really wasn’t smoking anything, I promise! Here’s my story and I’m sticking to it! On Wednesdays and weekends, when Michael has the day off, I do a little independent contracting in my free time. What does that mean? Well, I run around doing whatever I can get people to pay me to do, that is legal, of course! Well, I was off doing one of these jobs when a maintenance guy came into a shop with this precious pup and said he had found him and they were calling animal control. Well, being the softy I am I started playing with the little guy, loving on him and all and they said I could take him if I wanted him. Michael has been pining for another dog, if you remember all of our dog travesties back in the fall and I knew he would just love this guy. Before I was out the door he already had a name and a place in my heart. This little stinker that has decided to make my house his own personal litter box, the chord to my laptop his favorite chew toy and my pillow his dog bed, has just drawn everyone of us in. He is such a little lover, he just wants to hug and play all the time. I really think this ones a keeper!

It’s funny how God just works things out sometimes. We were looking so hard for a dog for so long and they just never worked out. We gave it to God and said, “If you want us to have a dog you are going to have to drop one in our laps.” Don’t you know he did it? He’s pretty amazing that way!

Anyway, Buddy has been keeping me on my toes. Not to mention looking for work when I have a moment and just altogether keeping up with the peanut! Plus, I’ve had steering committee meetings, friends to shop with, playdates, cookies to bake and our MOPS Christmas dinner to attend. This has been a really busy week! Particularly for someone who doesn’t have a car I tell you! But it’s been a good week too and God has provided in really great ways to get me where I’m going when I need to go. Have I told you I’m thankful to Him lately? Well, I am. He has really provided exactly what we need.

I did want to mention one very big prayer request for you guys, my friend Susan, over at Let My Lifesong Sing, lost her brother very suddenly this last week. She actually started blogging about two years ago to have a place to go to just get out her thoughts and feelings when this same brother was paralyzed in an accident. She has such a love for God and for her family and church members, she is just a wonderful encouragement to me as her faith has only grown through the years. It has been a hard couple of years for Susan and her family and this was just a devestating blow to them, including to her mother, of course. Please remember them in prayer tonight, as you thank God for the loved ones in your life. And, if you are so inclined, please go visit her blog and let her know you are praying for her.

Thank you my dear readers!


Saturday Photo Hunt – Smelly

Here are the two smelliest things at our house. When the wind is blowing just right, our chickens can give off a really smelly odor. And our dog, well, let’s just say she’s a beagle. Yup, smelly! We love her all the same.To see more photos or join in the hunt, go to