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Life has just seemed too busy for blogging lately. I keep forgetting to even go to my blogs so I apologize that I am not visiting. I actually can’t even stay now, I am going to be late for church if I don’t jump in the shower in the next minute or so. I just wanted to post this hilarious picture. I don’t know why I find it so funny, it just makes me laugh. We went to the new Johnny Rocket’s at the mall yesterday and the peanut had a blast just goofing off and watching the server’s dancing to Stayin’ Alive. Good times! Here are a few more of the pictures I took…

Linky Love

I was listening to NPR yesterday, which I must tell you I love, even though my political leanings are conservative, and NPR is ridiculously biased to the left, it is so educational. I hear so many stories from around the world and find out information that I would otherwise not know. I often shut off the radio if they are talking politics because I get annoyed quickly, but sometimes I listen to that as well just to know what’s going on in the world. Information is a good thing.

Anyway, yesterday, while listening, they were telling about these bloggers who are 95 and 108 years old. Isn’t that awesome? You have to go visit Olive, the 108 year old blogger at Unfortunately the 95 year old blogger is in Spanish so I can’t read anything but the basic part. If you can though I encourage you to go to her website at

Pretty nifty!

So here’s the scoop

I so know you are all going to give me a collective ugh and possibly give me raspberries through your screens, but I’m going back to blogger.  I’ll keep posting here for a few months, until I run out of space that is.  That is my reason for leaving actually, I am quickly running out of space.  Since I post so many pictures on my blog and my camera is an 8 megapixel I am rapidly losing space.  Since I am way cheap, and you can have a blog for free, which way do you think this penny pincher will turn?  You guessed it girls!

Anyway, my other address is

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