Wordless Wednesday


I will never be the same again

Today we started new members class at the church we began attending a few months back. You may remember we were up and down about switching as we really loved the people at our old church but we had become so involved in ministries at this church it just felt right. So, we did.

Well, we are all or nothing kind of people, and being part of a body of believers is important to us, so although we’ve only been here a few months, we’re joining the church.

It’s a 5 week series of classes basically explaining the church, it’s values and beliefs and how to get plugged in through small groups, activities and ministries. This first part included a video of a baptism service the church did last year. I cried, of course, just watching the video. Not only for the changed lives and washing of rebirth, but, because I so long for the day when my children will accept Christ and follow him as well.

So, during the video I began praying for my girls. I prayed for them in my usual way, that they will accept Christ at an early age and follow Him all of their days. You see, I had a lot of hurt in my life that could have been avoided if only I had chosen the path of Christ. I didn’t for a long time, and I will regret that all my days. I so want something different for my girls. So, I pray, pray and then pray some more that I will be a good mommy to them, Michael will be a good daddy and we will teach them about Jesus and they will understand it and love Him more.

Tonight as Michael was putting Lilla to bed, he asked her, “Lilla, do you know how to get to heaven, so one day you can live with Jesus?”

She replied, “Yes, you just ask Jesus to come and live in your heart.”

“Have you ever done that?”


“Well, when you are ready, you come and tell me and we can pray together.”

“I am ready.”

And then they prayed a simple prayer. “Jesus, come and live in my heart. Amen.”

And Lilla will never be the same again.

Rush, Rush

So today we had the MOPS garage sale at my house. This last year we had very little money for anything extra to do or just fun crafts so we were hoping to raise enough money with all the donations from MOPS moms to fund some things for next year. We had tons of donations, but not tons of people that came out. Unfortunately it was rainy and chilly today, so there just weren’t a whole lot of people out. We did however, make a few hundred dollars, which will make a huge difference in our budget for next year so that alone is happy!

It was also just fun to spend some time with other MOPS moms, laughing, goofing around, pushing people out of the mudpile that is now my front yard, trying to get a very feisty groundhog out from underneath a customer’s car, eating pizza and finding a summer wardrobe for Anna. I think all in all it was a productive day, and best of all we had lots of help to clean up, so it didn’t take long and Goodwill is now the recipient of boxes upon boxes of new donations!

Now I’m just sit here to enjoy a few minutes of quiet time while Anna naps and Michael and Lilla watch Alladin. Hopefully they will be out soon too. It’s peaceful in the house, and exactly what I need after days and days of busy times, preparing for our last MOPS of the year yesterday and then the garage sale today.

I need a nap…

Weedin’ and Seedin’

Lately we’ve spent a lot of time in our garden. Planting, digging, pulling weeds, watering…on and on it goes. It sure takes a lot of work to really take care of a garden, and you never truly feel like the work is done. I continually notice more weeds to be pulled, more ground to be watered and more soil to be worked.

Why do I keep doing it then? Why not just drive down the road to Wal-Mart and pick up whatever is in season today and leave the work to the professionals? Oh, the promise of what is to come! There is nothing like something that comes from the work of your own hands. Not too long from now we could be sitting down to a bountiful blessing of fresh from the garden zucchini bread, a mountain of green beans, red peppers to snack on and watermelon to savor.

Last spring we spent so much time and money on the garden and then the rains came…and came…and came, and came some more. Our entire garden was wiped out. It felt devastating to look at the destruction, the absolute decimation of something that had been so cared for and desired.

I wonder through that then how God feels with us. After all, that is just a garden, we are His people. He loves us, tenderly cares for us, weeds us and feeds us. He gives us the best soil, prunes us in just the right places and gives us sunlight and water so we have all we need for the day.

And then the rains come in life. And we allow ourselves to get swept away. We get angry, we get depressed, we don’t hold on, we lose hope…our strength to grow.

I don’t know who you are, where you’ve been, what you have been through and are going through right now. I do know the garden of my own life and how there is a trail of rocks and weeds, broken branches and dirt that needs tilling. I also know is there is a God who loves me, who wants to grow, even me, to produce a harvest that I could never even imagine.

I also know He has a plan for your life. The pruning and tilling are not going to be easy. In fact, they often hurt, but oh, oh the harvest. So beyond words worth it!

Is your hope in Him today? He has ALL you need.

“Look at the nations and watch— and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told. Habakkuk 1:4-6

10 Smile Tuesday

Here we are again on another 10 Smile Tuesday. So many smiles going around lately, and lots of pictures to share. I tell you , this time of year makes me want to take pictures, and boy have I been! My computer is starting to crawl again from the amount on here…whew. I seriously love the green grass, the flowering trees, the sunshine, spring is such a blessing. I hope you all are enjoying the warming up and greening of everything too!

So on to the smiles…

1. A family photo…This past weekend we went on a picnic with our good friends and took some photos while we were at it. I love it when we can get everyone in one and we all are dressed decent and not looking quite grungy from the day yet…2. Warmth…It has really decided to warm up here this last week and slow down on the rain too, and it has been wonderful. Just to be outside, enjoying my family, eating on the patio, working on the garden, just love this great weather!

3. A wagon. Oh, the sheer entertainment value one object can bring! We were at the church on Saturday night setting up for Sunday when the peanut and her friends started playing with this wagon. Holy cow, they played with it for like an hour and a half!4. The garden. So we finally were able to plant part of my garden the other day. Oh, it is so wonderful to see the yummy veggies that are going to feed us in a few the yummy veggies that are going to feed us in a few months!5. Picnic in the park. Like I mentioned earlier, we were able to go on Sunday with friends to have a picnic. It was good food, good friends and a good God to thank for such a lovely day. We are so thankful for our friends, how fortunate we feel!6. Dressing up. Last fall I got all these dresses for Lilla for this summer on clearance and I have so enjoyed bringing them out. One on Sunday for pictures and then today, she went to a Cinco de Mayo party with her friend and I thought this dress was just perfect for it!
7. This picture. Who needs fancy photography fees when you can take pictures like this yourself?
8. Freshly mowed yard. We finally got our mower back and so Sunday night after our picnic Michael mowed the yard and oh, I am so thankful. It was up to our knees and now it is so much more enjoyable!9. Us. You know, since we had kids we just haven’t taken any pictures of just us. We are a family of four after all, but sometimes it is nice to remember we are Michael and Amy too! So, when I saw this picture of us it definitely made me smile!

10. Yard sales. I love this time of year when all the yard sales start happening. I normally don’t buy too much stuff, but I just enjoy “the hunt”. Saturday there was this humungo sale for miles along a highway, so we hit it. Didn’t find too much but it was just fun being together, the kids were pleasant as we found a Ming Ming duckling at the first house and that entertained Lilla the whole day and sometimes it’s nice to just do something different!

What are you smiling about this week?

Saturday Photo Hunt – Walking

Photo Hunt theme this week: Walking

Anna does not like to just be held while we are sitting down, so we walk…A LOT with her.
This picture is of my husband just strolling around our living room watching House or LOST
I think, while he was walking with her.

To join the hunt go to http://tnchick.com