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10 Smile Tuesday

Whew, I’m getting this one in just under the gun! It’s almost Wednesday already and so I just wanted to post a quick 10 smile look at some of the great things that have been going around in our neck of the woods this past week.

1. VBS…wow! What a fun and encouraging week we had. I took the pictures for a slideshow we did on Friday and Michael was the bible teacher for the kids. It was awesome and fun and crazy and…oh, so full of memories! If you’ve never experienced one before, please consider volunteering next year. Well worth all your time!

2. Grub. One of my friends just wanted to do something nice for me today so she prepared a delcious meal and then came over with her two kiddos, who are the same age as mine, and we feasted together. It was just a lovely time, even though both our kids were off the hook. That’s ok, adds to the memory!

3. Slip and Slide. Lilla has been asking me for days to haul out the slip and slide and I kept procrastinating. Today I decided to bite the bullet and I’m so glad I did. She had a blast on it, even by herself! Hilarious since she just runs all the way to the end and then hops in the puddle at the end.

4. Garden of Plenty. Our garden is starting to burst with some summer veggies now. Cherry tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, green beans, broccoli and zucchini! All just yummy and wonderful have plenty of!

5. Warm weather. It has been so chilly here this summer. So much so that we have barely used our pool at all. Well finally it has warmed up this week and we are taking full advantage of it. Such fun to be able to enjoy the sunshine and warmth of a summer day!

6. Sweet rest. Yesterday, the girls and I just layed in the hammock while we cuddled and talked for the longest time. It was one of those sweet moments you just want to capture in a bottle!

7. The Hubby. I just have to brag on the big guy for a minute. Pretty much every year he takes off at least a week to focus on missions. This year we couldn’t go anywhere with a small baby so he decided to focus on VBS for the week. He really put so much into it and it was wonderful. I am really proud of him for all he accomplished and the seeds he planted. Not only that, but he got to reap some too as he led several kids to the Lord this week!

8. Yum! The Chocolate Chip Zucchini bread I made today. Can I just say yum? I got it from Paula Deen on the food Network website. It’s fantastic and if you are like me, it’s one great way to use up all of those crazy growing zucchini!

9. Popsicles. Since the weather has been heating up again we just had to pull out the popsicles. Of course Anna had to get her first taste, which was so cute! She was diving after it after that!

10. Crawler. Speaking of Anna, guess who has learned to crawl? In the past week she has really started moving and grooving. From backing that thing up to going forward four steps…whew, she’s on her way!

11. Sweet Girl. And one for the road! I’ve been so proud of Lilla this past couple of weeks. She’s been talking more and more about wanting to be baptized so she can follow Jesus. (Which I have never talked to her about) She’s been wanting to pray for friends and she’s really been helping out a lot. Oh, and she’s also writing her D’s legibly! 🙂

What are you smiling about this week?


Ever have one of those moments that you just know you’ll remember forever? Like when you first saw those two blue lines or you got a letter telling you that you did not get in to your first choice school or the day the man of your dreams got down on one knee?

Well, yesterday was one of those days for me. My husband, kids and I were sitting down to lunch at a local pizza place when the cell phone starting buzzing.

Me: Hello

Woman: Ms. ….

Me: This is.

Woman: Hi, this is Kelly at Dr. … office. I was just calling to tell you that the x-ray showed the nodule on your lung is new since November. You’ll need to schedule a CT scan. I’ll transfer you now.

Me: (Looking at my two babies, just enjoying their pizza) Huh???

Now, to give a little background. I get pneumonia pretty easy so when I was coughing quite a bit last week, I just told the doctor to give me an x-ray so if it were pneumonia we could nip it in the bud. When they called me a few days later and said there was a nodule on my lung and did I know anything about that, I was so confused.

I mean, really, what the heck is a nodule?

They don’t know. I don’t know. Hopefully, on Wednesday (well, sometime after Wed) when I get the CT scan, more will be known.

10 Smile Tuesday

Another week has come and gone, and it is now the middle of July?!?! Where did June even go, my goodness this summer is going fast. It’s been so cold it actually has felt more like a long spring. And wet too! Wow, we’ve had the rain this year. Usually by this time the grass is getting brown, but not this year. It’s green and healthy and boy is it growing!

So, I haven’t posted smiles in a while, so I wanted to do it while I had a chance today.

1. A big smile right at the moment is both girls taking a nap at the same time. We have had a lot of sickies in this house for the past few weeks, so I think both bodies are just worn down and needed recoup time. Nice for me to catch a little, unusual, break during the day!

2. The individual blueberry cobblers baking in my oven right now. Thanks to the Pioneer Woman, she has this very simple and delicious sounding recipe posted for them. She actually made them with raspberries but blueberries are what I have on hand, so just 11 more minutes and mmmmm…mmmm…..
3. Going to the children’s musuem last Thursday. The girls and I had such fun with a friend and her children. Haven’t been since the new year so it was fun to seem some changes and spend the afternoon exploring and pretending all kinds of things!4. Gymnastics. It was Lilla’s last day for this class, she’ll start again in August, and we just had so much fun. Lilla is not the most balanced person, but what she lacks for in balance, she makes up for in spirit. She is just ready for anything when it comes to tumbling and I love to watch!

5. Births. On Thursday, a third friend in two weeks will have had a baby. It’s like a baby boom around here but it is so exciting to watch new life starting and families growing. Lovely.

6. Maternity shoot. Last week I had a chance to take some maternity pictures for one of those friends the day before she gave birth. I had fun doing it and thought at least a couple of the shots came out pretty well.7. County fair. Sunday we went to the parade and county fair in our little town. The parade is actually quite big and Lilla got ridiculous amounts of candy, which she really enjoyed. We then went over and visited the animals and exhibits and watched a llama dress up show. Not bad for a free day of fun!8. The bounty. Our garden is starting to bloom something serious. I see watermelons, zucchini, green beans, tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, cucumbers….so much good stuff! We are already harvesting some and having a blast doing it. There is just nothing like enjoying those fruits of your labor!
9. The big cut. Lilla got her first big girl cut this week. Of course I cried, but doesn’t she look beautiful? And way too old! Good-bye little girl locks, I will sure miss them!10. Having the windows open. The wonderful thing about the weather being cooler is that the air doesn’t have to be on and it’s perfect weather for the windows to be open. I love the coolness of the breeze coming through and the freshness of the air!

What are you smiling about today?

Being present

As you may, or may not, know, I am an internet junkie. I get all my news, local, world and entertainment from the internet. I find phone numbers and old friends, pool care tips and devotionals, music and a history lesson, all in one place: the internet. I’m always jumping on to find some other little piece of information, updating my facebook status or checking what people are talking about on twitter. It’s just a little jumping on here, a quick sign in there. Maybe while I’m nursing, or the peanut is playing dollhouse or I need a new recipe, it makes life so easy…right?

Well, maybe. Or maybe not so much.

The last few days as I’ve checked my twitter account, I’ve noticed a lot of moms with a whole lot of posts. Things like, “Just at the park with the kids…such and such just went tumbling down a hill. Ha, ha.” Or, “Out for a date with hubby, checking email.” Just updating their lives away.

As I was reading these posts I was just struck with the impersonal nature of the whole situation. I mean, where does the time begin where our very presence is given wholly to the other person that we are with? Where we are not concerning ourselves with having to write down every detail of what is going on, but start to live all those details instead? Don’t get me wrong, I am all for journaling, I’ve done it my whole life, but I don’t feel like that is what this is.

I know many see it as a way to socialize and be a part of something bigger than themselves. To reach out to the masses of people reading. And don’t comments somehow make us all feel somewhat validated?

But, I just find to really be a part of the moment, these all too fleeting moments, maybe putting down the itouch or blackberry and not taking time to think about the funniest way to say your child just landed on their peanut butter and jelly sandwhich as they leapt from the second stair, off of the couch and onto the kitchen table, but just being present in that moment. Laughing, enjoying, crying…without ever having to update. Maybe it’s that kind of prescence that we all really need.

Hope your days and nights are filled with others being present with you too!