I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but it usually has me contemplative and thoughtful…about the past and future. I suppose it is the thought of new beginnings, old habits, life’s blessings over the past year, the trials and hurts that need to be overcome…so much so it can be overwhelming.

I was at church this past Sunday and they asked for any prayer requests you might have to be written on a little form that people could pray over on New Year’s. Our church does a several hour praying in the new year where people can stop in at any time, pick up a card and pray for whomever is on that card. I picked up a card for myself and started writing. And writing. And writing a little more. Before I knew it the whole card was full. Is it sad that the entire card was just for my own issues? Apparently I must have A LOT!!

Normally at this time of year I make a resolution to lose some weight (which I still need to do), be kinder (um, yeah!) or stay on a budget (still working on that one), and normally by about January 3rd they are all shot and I go back to my old ways. Old habits definitely die hard.

This year I want to make a little different resolution, if you can even call it that. See, I don’t like making promises or resolutions or pledges. I wind up feeling bound and obligated to meet them. I am way too stubborn to do that, get annoyed that I feel bound and give up knowing it won’t be accomplished. Like last year my husband thought it would be a good idea to have a competition of who could read the Bible in the shortest time. The Bible. Seriously, the Bible. This is not a sprint, I said to him. So clearly, that did not happen and I gave up nearly instantaneously.

So this year, I want to just say, I want to be Godly. I want to grow closer to Him. I want to know about Him. I want to love Him more. Less me, more Him.

That sounds good to me. 🙂


It was merry

Christmas was filled
with all kinds of cheer,
The kind that comes
Only this time of year,

There was whole lot of laughter
And joy,
All to celebrate
A little bitty boy.

We made gingerbread houses
And left sugar cookies
Hoping the man in red
Wouldn’t just leave us book-ies.

The day came and went
Oh so awful quick
Before we knew it
It was such a kick!

Lots of family and friends
Whom with we spent all our time
It was worth it, it’s true
What a joy sublime!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time

I love Christmastime. There is just something about this time of year that is so fun, and brings me back to being a small child, full of wonder and awe. I love the lights, the baked goods, the flashes of red all about. It honestly just makes me feel all warm inside thinking about the goodness that this season brings.Ultimately though, it really isn’t about the parties that we attend, the friends that we see or how much egg nog we can sip at a go. This time of year is truly about the celebration of a King. A King that came down in earthly form as a little baby. In a manger. Probably some donkeys and sheep for bedmates.

I am so thankful for that baby tonight. And, every night.

Merry Christmas to you, my sweet reader! May your days be merry and bright.

Shawl Giveaway

Leslie Loves Veggies, at is having a giveaway for a shawl from The Shawl Shop. There are some super cute shawls, which I just happen to be really into lately, so, of course I entered. And, you get five free entries just for blogging. Definitely makes the odds a little better in my favor!

Have you entered any giveaways lately?


Today, on the way to the children’s museum, I was having a conversation with Lilla. It went something like this…

Lilla, “Look, there’s the big dragon (dinosaur) coming out of the building!”

Me, “Yep, there’s the dinosaur.”

Lilla, “The people built him and put him there.”

Me, “They sure did.”

Lilla, “But they didn’t make everything.”

Me, “No, they really didn’t. Do you know who did?”

Lilla, “God did. And he made people too. And he made their hair too.”

Me, “Yes, he did make people, and their hair too.”

Lilla, “God even knows how many hairs we have.”

Take. My. Breath. Away!!!

And with that, I sat in worship to a God who loves me that much, that He would remind me through my 3 year old that He even has the hairs on my head counted. Thank you Jesus.

Song of Solomon 6:3, “I am my beloved’s and He is mine.”

There was…

There was candles…
There was yummy food…

There was a craft…There were kisses…
There were presents…
There was a cute outfit…

There was laughter…There was cake smearing…
There was a change of clothes…

There was cake…
There were cuddles…

There was definitely a bath…

There was family…
There was the paparazzi…

There was…a very happy 1st birthday!!


On the way to Awana on Wednesdays we usually try to go over the verse for the week with Lilla. We have her quote it over and over to make sure it is really there.

Last night, this is what we heard the whole way there:

I am in constant prayer that my girls will love Jesus and follow Him all of their days. To hear her quote this brings unspeakable joy. Oh, that it would be set on her heart!