Happy 2nd Birthday Baby!

An Open Letter To My Darling Baby…
My Dearest Lilla,
Today you turned two. But, it seems just yesterday I labored in the hospital, breathless as I could not wait to meet you. The first time I saw you it was love at first sight. You were beautiful and I just wanted to hold you forever. You were so tiny, you had little sweet noises that just warmed my heart and your itty bitty finger had daddy wrapped from day one. You had super dark hair, momma’s nose and daddy’s eyes.
Oh my, have you changed in two years though. You are now, not so quiet. You let momma and daddy know when you want something as you are strong willed and not afraid to speak up. You have become so independent, you say things like, “I walk,” when you don’t want us to carry you or, “I do it,” when you really want to try something. But, you still love to be cuddled when I go to get you in the morning. You have the sweetest little smile on your face as you express with great joy how happy you are to see me. Oh, how the sound of “Momma,” touches my inmost being.
Your likes and dislikes are certainly starting to show as you enjoy the world around you. You have loved animals since day one. Today you saw Bambi for the first time and you were so moved by Bambi and Thumper you just stared in awe, laughed and called out their names. Oh, what a tender heart you have when it comes to animals. Even as an itty baby you loved to watch Animal Planet. Now it is so sweet to hear you call out to your dogs in the morning as they bound in and plant a kiss on you. The other day I found a bunch of books next to Buddy’s cage. You had been reading to him so he would not be lonely. How lovely you are my baby.
Your other favorite thing to do is anything with art. You have spent endless hours creating and shaping with your playdough. It took me so long to figure out what you were saying when you would ask for playdough, looking up where you knew it was stored. Oh, how smart you are little girl! You also love to color, we’ve gone through so many coloring books, but we don’t mind. You just love to draw and will take advantage of any paper and writing utensil in your path. You love it! Music is part of your love for the arts too. You find countless ways to play “insturments”. Like the chair at the musuem today that looked like a bongo. How fun to watch you “play” it!
Lilla, my heart is sad as I think this life is going too fast and I just wish it would slow down. You see, I love being so much a part of your daily life. I love that we spend all our time together, we laugh, we cry and we just “are”. I love it! But, I also love that you are growing into your own person. You are lovely and funny, full of life and wonder, you are talented and smart and you have so much to offer this world. I can hardly wait to see what my blessing will do!
Happy 2nd Birthday Baby,

We’re going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship…

For those of you who questioned what the peanut’s birthday theme will be in my post about the heater, I actually have decided already. We are going to have a Little Einsteins birthday party. For those who don’t know, Baby Einsteins and Little Einsteins are two seperate things. Probably by the same company, I have no idea, but they are different. The peanut loves to watch Little Einsteins. All the classical music, cool insturments and well known artists they highlight make me love the show too. It’s so educational and so fun, I think that’s great! Anyway, so we, strike that, so I decided to do Little Einsteins. You can go to Disney’s website and print off personalized invitations and then the decorations just need to be in primary colors. I am thinking of doing little bags for the kids with toy insturments you can get at the dollar store.
And, I found the recipe for this adorable rocket cake online. My mother in law can make some great cakes and this one really doesn’t seem to hard…isn’t it too cute?

I think I may only invite a few of her cousins/friends her own age and her grandparents. That way she can have fun and we won’t have to do all kinds of activities that she couldn’t possibly understand at her age. I thought I could print off some Little Einsteins coloring pages, maybe let them make their own cupcakes and possibly do a little spin off of Simon Says. Dancing since that’s what they do on Little Einsteins.

What do you think?