Small things

So apparently there are some newer memes going around my bloggity friends, and since I’ve been tagged for a bit and just haven’t followed up, I thought now would be a good time. So, here you go…
Fourth folder, fourth picture in my photos….

This is actually newly downloaded, which is why it hasn’t been deleted yet. The peanut has been loving taking pictures with my camera lately, so that is one at the library that she took. There is a kids area where they have baskets of educational toys that she and her friends play with after storytime every week. Below is a pic I took of her and her friends, Jenna and Mazie after storytime one day, just thrown in for good measure! 🙂

The other meme I was tagged for: 7 Random Things…

1. Today is the five year anniversary of the day Michael and I got engaged. It was very spontaneous and romantic as a result. No ring as it was not planned at all. Such a sweet memory though, and my answer? So simple…”OK!!!”

2. I love wearing dresses. Skirts are great, but dresses are my favorite. They just make me feel so feminine. It’s lovely.

3. My very close friend, Carrie, had a baby boy yesterday. He had a bit of a struggle breathing, so he was taken away immediatly. But 24 hours later he’s doing great and I got to hold him lots today, so sweet!!

4. I am a big advocate of breastfeeding. There are so many things I loved about it, and really do miss it. I wish everyone could have that experience! When I wasn’t sure if I’d get pregnant again, one of my biggest sadnesses came from thinking I’d possibly never breastfeed again. Yep, I loved it that much!

5. There are very few subjects I feel very passionate about, most things I just let roll off my back. But the things I do feel strongly about, I feel really strongly about and can get a little red faced over. I’m strange like that. 🙂

6. I have never enjoyed cartoons. I’m a realist at heart and even when I was little I couldn’t get over the fact that the things on cartoons could never happen. Now that I’m an adult and watch Lilla watching them, I don’t mind it so much. I like her to have an imagination, and I really think cartoons encourage it, that’s pretty cool!

7. I love the flavor of pumpkin. It is so smooth and delicious. It just screams fall to me in so many wonderful treats…mmm, I think I want to go eat some now!

So if you’ve got this far, and have not been tagged already, consider yourself tagged!


10 Smile Tuesday

So the last week has been a difficult one. The peanut has just been so ill, we have done nothing but stay inside, veg out on my bed watching Disney movies and wipe away the boogies. I kid you not, that’s been my week. So, I was thinking, what was I smiling about during this time? And, guess what? I certainly still had smiles, and here they are:

1. It’s over! Yeah, she is almost completely back to her old wiley ways. It is nice to not hear her struggling to breathe and having some sort of energy again!

2. A week of cuddlebug! When the peanut doesn’t feel good, she sure gets cuddly. We have just layed in bed all week loving and hugging on each other, sooooo peaceful!

3. Peter Pan. This has become the peanut’s favorite movie. I kid you not, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. So, I’ve become an expert on it. Now, if I ever go on jeopardy and it’s a category, I am a shoe in for the win! 🙂

4. My husband. Yesterday I got a kidney infection so my husband came home from work to sit with the peanut while I went to the hospital. It was so nice to get an extra day with him this week. Yep, even in the face of that pain, I got my hubby so it was all good!

5. Forgotten clothes. I had just been thinking I was probably going to need to buy more maternity clothes for the winter when I went through some boxes and found a bunch of winter things I forgot I had. So, my closet is full and I don’t have to spend more money!

6. Wal-mart and Ebay. So last week my husband was browsing the clearance aisle at Wal-Mart when he came across Razor phones for $10! These are normally sold for $100. So, of course, he bought 9 of them and is selling them on ebay at a rate of about $65 a piece. Yup, that’s a pretty good profit! So, now we have Christmas money, yeah!!

7. Jack-o-lanterns. On Saturday my husband and the peanut carved pumpkins and they came out so cute. Her first experience, which she was totally traumatized by the gooey of the insides, but, then it became more fun. It was so cute to see yet another first for my little one reaching her hand in and pulling out those seeds!

8. The seeds. I baked them and now we have a yummy and very nutritious snack, yummy!

9. Jumping. The peanut enjoys talking to the baby in my belly, chatting, telling her it’s time to come out…that kind of thing. Recently when she does that, the baby starts moving around, I really think she knows the peanut’s voice! How sweet is it that their relationship is already starting?!?!

10. Funny. On that line of talking…yesterday she noticed I have stretch marks on the bottom of my belly, she got very concerned and said, “Anna, you need to come out now. Look at what you are doing to mommy’s belly!”

And one for the road. For, forever now, the peanut has said, “I missed you,” instead of “I love you.” Well, this past week has finally been full of “I love you’s”. It is so exciting and warms this momma’s heart!!

What are you smiling about this week?

Is it just me?

Is it just me or does it seem like elections bring out the worst in people? I mean really, people seem to lose their minds when you bring up politics, and anything you don’t agree with or what you do believe in that they don’t. Seriously, whatever happened to freedom of choice in this country?

For instance, we have a political sign in our yard. Since we have a huge yard and live on a major street in our little town, we agreed to put up one of the big 4 foot by 6 foot signs. It’s only for a few weeks and it’s not hurting anyone, so why not? Anyway, this morning we woke up to find the sign gone and the posts bent in half.

Because we live on a very busy street in a rural area, that means someone had to pull into our driveway, park their car, run around on private property and destroy the sign. I still have no idea how they bent the posts unless they hit them with their car. I mean really, not only is this vandalism of property and illegal activity on private property, but it’s just plain scary when I have a two year old living here.

Really, what is wrong with people? As I stated before, this election has brought out the worst in people. And, personally, I can’t wait until it’s over!!

Friday Funny

So the last few days have been filled with lots of runny noses, watery eyes, high temperatures and an all together feeling of yuckiness for my poor peanut. So we’ve been laying in bed watching lots of movies, going through ridiculous amounts of Kleenex and cuddling for hours on end.

I think she is on the mend but there is still a bit of a cough, a low grade fever and a runny nose. I’ve been giving her a Children’s Cold and Allergy medicine, grape flavored liquid, that she seriously likes, and seems to work for everything but the fever.

So a few minutes ago, I hear next to me in this pathetic little stuffed up voice, “Mommy, I need my medicine to get my boogies out.” Followed up by, “I don’t like boogies.”

Me either Lilla, me either!

And earlier she was standing on a stool in the kitchen when I suddenly realized how itty bitty she is. (I can forget that sometimes) So I said to her, “Lilla, you are so tiny!” She looked at me and announced, “I not tiny, I a big sister!”

And, how cute is that?

Thursday 13

13 Favorite Halloween Treats

1. Snickers
2. Twix
3. Smarties
4. Tootsie Roll Pops
5. Sweet Tarts
6. Kit Kats
7. Mary Janes
8. Reese Cups
9. Carmel Apple Lollipops
10. Twizzlers
11. Anything gummy
12. Whoppers
13. Nerds

What are your favorite Halloween treats?

10 Smile Tuesday

Wow, another week has passed. It seems like just yesterday I was writing another ten smile post. You know that old adage, the days are long but the years are short? Well, it just seems to be more and more true lately. Time is just going. When I click on my blog and see the number of days left before my due date I can hardly believe it, 68 today, which is really going to be like 58 or 59 as I am going to have a scheduled c-section. That means only 8 weeks left…crazy!!

So with that, let me tell you what has been filling our days with smiles in the last week…

1. Belly buddies. My very good friend Carrie and I have been enjoying the fact that we can share all our good times and difficulties in pregnancy together. She is 7 weeks ahead of me so it’s not too much longer for her, and she’s having a boy this time. Such fun!

2. MOPS. Friday was our bi-weekly MOPS (Mother’s of Preschoolers) meeting and we had a really good meeting about identity and how it should be in Christ before all else. We take on so many different hats as women, wives and mothers, that can sometimes get lost in it all. It really is important to women to take the time to remember who they are, but still enjoy this all too short times in our lives.

3. After MOPS a friend needed to take care of some things so I watched her daughter for a couple of hours, to which the peanut completely delighted in. It is really fun to have a friend, as they are showing below!

4. A couple of weeks ago I took some blood tests and found out I had low iron, and worse, I might have gestational diabetes. Since I am not planned and never really think about food, it would be very difficult to stick to such a diet. Last week I went in for the test to find out, and they take blood 4 times let me tell you! Ugh! Anyway, I found out yesterday all tests were normal, good news!!

5. I don’t know what’s gotten into my husband lately but he’s brought me two beautiful bouquets of flowers in the last week and a half. One was a fall bouquet and the other this beautiful purple and pink bouquet. What a sweetie to fill the house with such happy things!

6. On Saturday morning Michael took the peanut to a train show with my brother in law and his kids. They had such fun just enjoying all the choo-choos and playing with the fun things. They came home with Lilla’s first train set too! This will go under the tree and I think Michael is going to suprise her with Geo-Trax for the real surprise!

7. Moms Night In. Saturday we had a mom’s night in for our MOPS group. Not too many came, but we still had fun just eating, playing games and talking. It’s always nice getting to know some new people better so that was a lot of fun!

8. The Nudies. The peanut is potty training this week so I’ve started the week just having her go without diapers all week. She went on the potty every time by herself yesterday. Gets on, goes, wipes, flushes…all by herself. The problem is still when she has panties or a diaper on she goes in them. Not sure how to resolve this but we are staying in this whole week so she can just spend the week “peeping”, as she calls it. LOL

9. Big sister. The peanut has been going around telling everyone, “I a big sister.” It’s so sweet to see her embracing the idea as the time draws more near. She does it so proudly too and has been taking care of her little baby dolls so much lately, I just can’t wait to see how she does with the real thing!

10. Oatmeal butterscotch cookies. I’ve been reading a lot of people baking lately and it just gave me a bug to do it too. I just whipped up this batch from a recipe on the back of the Hershey butterscotch bag, and according to the peanut, “Those are good!” I would have to agree, oh they are just too yummy…I think I may need another!

What are you smiling about today?

Monday Funnies

At MOPS on Friday, when I went to pick up the peanut, the workers were all commenting to me on what a character the peanut is. This is no surprise to me as I have been told it many times before. She provides the entertainment I tell you. For example:

On Sunday at church, we had her sitting with us during worship, there was a quiet moment when all of a sudden she stands on the pew and announces to anyone who might be listening, “The racoon killed the chicken.” Completely unprovoked, we have no idea where it came from. Giggles were heard all around.

Then we were on the road, my husband was driving and paying attention to things off the road. We almost went off roading at this point so I said, “Michael pay attention to the road.” Just then I hear from the backseat, “Daddy needs to pay attention to the road.”

Finally, my most favorite of the day, we are driving to Michael’s parents for the day and decided to grab something to eat on the way since lunch wouldn’t be for a few hours. I couldn’t decide what I wanted when I hear a little voice behind me say, “We need to eat at Taco Bell for Daddy.” Particularly funny since my husband is always saying, “Let’s just go to Taco Bell.” Yeah, she sure is my little sponge!

What is making you laugh today?

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