You will always find them on the job…

Last week my 18 year old brother graduated from high school.  I can hardly believe that is possible.  He lives all the way down in Florida, and since I live in the midwest, the trip just wasn’t possible for our family.  He’s a pretty smart kid and could have done a lot of things.  HeContinue reading “You will always find them on the job…”

Slacker – 10 Things I’m thankful for

 Since I was a slacker and didn’t post the five things yesterday I will make up for it by posting 10 things I am thankful for today. 1. My sister.  She is watching the peanut right now so my beloved husband and I can have dinner at Maggiano’s tonight.  I can’t wait! 2. Opportunities.  My husband is interviewing forContinue reading “Slacker – 10 Things I’m thankful for”