These are the crazy times…

Life has just seemed too busy for blogging lately. I keep forgetting to even go to my blogs so I apologize that I am not visiting. I actually can’t even stay now, I am going to be late for church if I don’t jump in the shower in the next minute or so. I just wanted to post this hilarious picture. I don’t know why I find it so funny, it just makes me laugh. We went to the new Johnny Rocket’s at the mall yesterday and the peanut had a blast just goofing off and watching the server’s dancing to Stayin’ Alive. Good times! Here are a few more of the pictures I took…


These are a few of my favorite things…

So tomorrow (Friday) for MOPS we are supposed to bring in our favorite thing. Something from our home that we love, whether priceless financially or priceless to us for sentimental reasons, just something that we really love. I’ve been thinking about it, maybe my scrapbooks, or pictures, they are my favorite things for sure. But I couldn’t decide which or what. Then I finally got it…my camera! It kind of encapsulates the whole thing since without it I wouldn’t even have the former.
I love my camera. It’s a Canon Rebel XT and it is really a great camera. I do wish it were smaller as there is no way that thing is going in my purse, but it takes great pictures and I really do love it.
I was also thinking about how I have very few shots of me since I am always the one behind the camera. Even when the peanut was really little, there are like three pictures of me with her. Bummer. So, today, on what may be the last warm day we have for quite a few months (it was like 80 today and is supposed to hit a whopping 65 tomorrow!) I took a few outside shots.

Oh, and this last one I just had to show you was taken once we came in…ya think the peanut likes peanut butter?

Wordless Wednesday – Welcome Fall!

Saturday Photo Hunt

See how curvy the dog’s tail is? Do you think she knew it was about to be grabbed?!?! The picture is of my daughter with the dog we had for one week, Daisy. We had to take her back on Thursday because she kept escaping from our yard. Being that we have a 6 foot buried fence you’d think she couldn’t, but she kept finding ways. We are so sad. Unfortunately, we live on a very busy road and she probably would have been killed sooner or later.

Wordless Wednesday-What the heck?!?!