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Tickle my funny bone

I’ve got to tell you, having an 18 month old can be hard, but it can be hilarious too.  The peanut is always making me laugh about something.  Whether it be a face she makes, a reaction to a new food or, now more than ever, the things that come out of her mouth.  She is suddenly a talking fool I tell you!  Today we had friends over and she had a dirty diaper so I was walking her upstairs to change her when I got a breath of not so nice didy.  I reacted, “Wow.”  She responded, “WOW!”  It still makes me chuckle.

We went to my parent’s on Saturday, because, well, it’s hot here and they have a pool.  Could there be a better reason?  I totally forgot my camera, which is unfortunate because it was a kodak kind of day.  Apparently, the peanut loves the pool.  I knew she loved water, as she never wants out of the bath, but this was crazy!  Her lips were turning blue, but did she care?  Oh no, she wanted to stay in that pool.  And, as soon as we put her out she fought to get back in.  She is a waterbug!  I have never seen that child laughing or smiling as much as she was in that pool either.  I can’t believe her cheeks didn’t hurt.  Swim lessons are definitely in her future!

The peanut also got her first real doll this weekend.  What else to call her but Dolly?  It is so sweet to see her hugging the doll and taking care of her like it is her baby.  She tries to feed her and give her the pacifier and it is just too adorable!


Another funny thing the peanut is now doing is leaning her head over to one side when I take a picture.  I’m not kidding, it’s like she’s posing.  Too funny!

Lastly, today she decided she would talk to the chickens.  Here’s a picture  of her balk, balk, balking…she is too much!

Saturday Photohunt

Theme: Happy

One of the peanut’s favorite words right now is butterfly.  So, we took her to the butterfly exhibit at the zoo on Wednesday and had so much fun!  There are butterflies everywhere and they even land on you.  Beautiful!

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This World

“This world has nothing for me, and this world has everything.

All that I could want and nothing that I need.”

Caedmon’s Call

This is a quote from a song by my favorite band, Caedmon’s Call.  The words strike me this morning as I am overcome by a feeling of sadness for this world.  I have been lying in bed for the last hour just thinking about how selfish we, as a people, are.  Romans 3:11 says, “There is none that understands God.  There is none that seek Him.”  And isn’t that so true?

I am part of a local internet bulletin board for moms to connect around this area.  It’s a board for people of all kinds, not just Christians.  Recently, one of the questions a girl asked was how she should deal with a friend who did not include her in her wedding.  The answers were all unbelievable.  Angry women saying how mad they would be and how she shouldn’t attend events for her.  I just couldn’t believe the selfishness coming through!

Since when did another person’s wedding become about you, is all I could think.  I mean, don’t get me wrong ladies, I’ve been that person before.  Of course everyone wants to feel loved and respected by our friends and what a way to honor them.  Seriously though, in a situation like this, shouldn’t we just, as it says in Romans 12:15, “Rejoice with those who rejoice.”

I don’t want to come off sounding high and mighty, because I am not.  I feel I am the lowest of sinners.  I just think that since our mission trip, God has really been working so my heart would be sensative to the spirit.  I want to think like Jesus so I can be like Jesus.  I hope you do too!

So, today, why don’t we strive to, “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than ourselves.” Phillipians 2:3

I hope you all have a blessed day!

Wordless Wednesday

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That’s My King!

Today while reading Psalm 89, I was struck by all the characteristics David described God with in just one little psalm.  Here are some, I’m sure there are more: loving, wonderful, faithful, feared, awesome, mighty, powerful, strong, creator, exalted, unequaled, righteous, just, king, glorious, Holy, protector, avenger, Father, Saviour, truthful.  Yeah, that’s my King.

Also, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the speech by Bishop S. M. Lockridge, That’s My King, but it’s totally worth a listen.  It’ll energize you like you can’t believe.  I’m sorry, I don’t know how to embed or I would do it here.  But here is the link, you won’t regret those 6 minutes spent!!

God bless each of you today!


Saturday Photo Hunt – Two

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