Trick or Treat

We have had a busy last two weeks. Lots of playdates, a couple of trips to the doctor, a trip to the zoo and a super fun day of trick or treating have made me one tired mommy!! We have a real fun zoo program here where they do all kinds of cute kid things, like the bouncy house…

…trick or treating and pumpkin bowling. Since we have a zoo membership it’s super nice that we can go there and just have a fun free day!
The weather here has been so cooperative. The peanut got to jump in a big old pile of leaves I raked for the first time too! She loved it! In fact, yesterday I opened the door for the dog, she walked right out and went right back to that pile of leaves. So cute! I got a couple of real cute shots that day too…

Then tonight it was dress up time. She was the cutest ladybug you ever did see! My sister’s daughter wore the costume last year so it was free…my favorite price! And people could not stop oohing and ahhing over it. Adorable!!

My husband was Peyton Manning and the dog was dogzilla! Hilarious! I wish I had a better picture of it for you. You should google dogzilla costume and see it better. So funny!

The peanut got the worst ear infection of her life, which is saying a lot since she had one consistently for 6 months before she got tubes last year. I felt so bad for her as we had no idea and she was so fussy last weekend. We figured out the pressure must have been building and it finally just burst. It was horrible. So, she’s on antibiotics (which have been burning her poor little tooshy to no end!) and ear drops now. Hopefully it will clear up soon!

I have a respiratory thing going on…what’s new with that though. Nothing a little streroids can’t help, right? 🙂 Yep, they don’t even mess with antibiotics, go for the strong stuff with me! LOL

One of my friends from Seattle was out last week (I lived there 4 1/2 years ago) and she has a daughter the same age as the peanut. It was fun catching up and was funny that it seemed like it was just yesterday that we had seen each other last! Aren’t those the best kind of friendships?!?!

So that’s what’s going on in our lives…how are you doing?!?!