10 Smile Tuesday

So here we are again. I can’t believe it’s been a week already since I’ve blogged. We have been pretty busy around here lately though, so lots can explain it though. Some of my smiles can to so here goes…

1. Lunch. On Thursday after storytime at the library my best friend took the peanut and I out for lunch to celebrate my birthday. That was a nice suprise and always such fun to spend time with her and her daughter, who is the same age as the peanut.

2. Coloring Easter eggs. Yes, it was messy with two 2 year olds, but still a sweet time and a walk down memory lane. It had been years and years since I had done that and it was fun to watch the girls do it for the first time.

3. Time with Maddie. The peanut’s cousin is 6 months older than her and they just love, love, love each other. On Saturday we took her to my parent’s house with us and the girl’s just played and laughed, well, and fought some too. But it’s just so neat to see them growing into little girl’s that love each other.

4. Sunday’s sermon. Wow! Wow! Wow! My parent’s preacher really preached the gospel and the need for evangalism in his sermon. I was bowled over by how good it was. I know it touched my heart, I hope it touched many others too!

5. Easter bonnets. I got the girl’s Easter bonnets from the dollar spot at Target and they were so adorable in them! Very few people where them anymore so it was so cute to see everyone’s reactions when they walked into church. And, how proud the girl’s were of those $1 hats!

6. Easter egg hunt. The peanut has never had one before and it was so fun to watch her in a bit of confusion but still thinking it fun, to go on the hunt! Maddie searched like a pro though and had a blast too!

7. Easter dresses. How fun to dress up the girl’s in their prettiest dresses of the year. They looked so fancy and fun! The peanut’s dress is one of those you’d only wear for Easter or a wedding so this was probably it for the dress. 😦 It was so cute!!

8. Dancing. After getting ready for church I came out to find my stepdad dancing with the girl’s. It was so adorable to see the laugh’s and giggles on their faces!

9. Biscuits. It was just the easy way with bisquick, but the peanut and I made them for the first time and she loved it. She is becoming quite the cook lately and independent to boot. There was a lot of, “I do it!” going on!

10. Water softner. We have well water, for which you really do need a water softner and we haven’t had one since moving in this house. Well, this past week we found out we have to get one, and it was going to be over $1000 for it. We had it ordered when Michael talked to a guy at work and he said he had an almost new one that he bought and then decided he didn’t like soft water and we could have it if we wanted it. I’m still in disbelief over that!! I’m so thankful for God’s provisions!!

What are you thankful for this week?


Ten Smile Tuesday

Here we are, another Tuesday already. I thought I would start early before I forget. Here are my smiles for the week:

1. On Sunday night, as we were driving from church to Wal-Mart in the back seat we hear a little voice singing the entire words to There’s Just something about that name. Without prompting, nothing, the entire song! Pretty cool for a child that just turned 2 last month! More than that though is just the warming of my heart. It was the loveliest rendition I ever heard!

2. Last night we had a ladie’s tea for St. Patty’s day with the women at my church. It was nice to get to know people better and spend some time with a 93 year old woman! Oh, the stories she has to share!

3. Corned beef and cabbage yesterday. Michael doesn’t eat cabbage and I love it so it was so nice to enjoy it yesterday!

4. Spring. It starts in 2 days people! It doesn’t completely feel like it here yet but the grass is really starting to grow again so it’s on it’s way, I know it!!

5. On Friday night the peanut and I turned on our Laurie Berkner DVD

and just danced around our living room laughing and chasing each other. It was just so much fun and exactly how I want her to remember her childhood!

6. Easter decorations. I love the lighter colors and the bunnies all over the house, it just lightens up my world and makes me smile!

7. Girl scout cookies. I got mine finally on Sunday and I’m telling you, oh my goodness, so worth the wait. I’m glad I only ordered 3 boxes though, they are so addictive!!

8. Telling the peanut about the real Easter story. Although she can’t completely get it, she’s on her way and it’s thrilling!! The bible says that a knowledge of God is placed in all of our hearts, even the rocks cry out to him, isn’t that wonderful to know?

9. The baby bunnies, rabbits and ducks we visit at our local feed store. I mean really, what is not to love about new life? It’s beautiful!!

10. This week in church we sang a song that I just love. Humble King. If you don’t know it, you should. It just really touched my heart. There’s a line that says, “You are the God of the broken, the friend of the weak, you wash the feet of the weary, embrace the ones in need.” I mean really, what is not to love about such a God?

Have a good week all!


Ten Smile Tuesday

My friend, Amanda, over at http://theyakfamilyblog.blogspot.com, does this thing called Ten Smile Tuesday. I’m pretty sure she made it up herself. It’s just a great way to remember your blessings, at least once a week. After my last post, I thought maybe I should do that to show I really do have much to be thankful for. So, here goes…

1. Although we had a serious problem getting the peanut to smile and take pictures both times at the studios, there were a couple of cute ones that I’m excited to receive next week. I’ll post them once I get them, but they are adorable, ecspecially when put together! She’s playing peek a boo!

2. Saturday we had dinner with some of my husband’s co-workers, a Turkish meal of Gyros and other yummy stuff. It was nice to get to spend some time with people from another country and the other couple who was there, which are Christian friends of ours.

3. I don’t normally go to my in-laws, just because there are always tons of people there and it makes me a little anxious, but after the pictures on Friday, we were in the neighborhood so I decided to stop by. I didn’t call first so everyone was so happily suprised to see me, it was a really nice feeling for everyone to call out, “AMY!!” when I walked in.

4. Being healthy again. After our family being sick for so long it has been wonderful for us all to feel just normal again.

5. Lemon cake. I made it for Saturday’s get together. A yummy bundt with a lemony frosting that was just fabulous. My husband said the ladies from work went on and on about it so he’s insisting I make another one this week. That’s a nice thing to hear!!

6. Shopping alone. On Sunday I dropped Michael and the peanut off at his parent’s and just ran around shopping for nothing really. It was just so nice to spend some much needed time alone where I could just look and veg out. I love days like that as they are just so few and far between.

7. New sheets. I know it seems small but I really love clean, white sheets. We buy ones that are like soft t-shirts from Target and we love them. The dogs are always jumping on the bed so there were a lot of marks on the old ones that bleach wouldn’t even take out so when they went on sale this week I was all over that action. Good stuff!

8. Carrie. I have a friend named Carrie that I can just call to say hi and we can talk forever about everything and nothing. That happened yesterday and it just made me really happy. I love having a friend like that.

9. Spring. Sunday it was so incredibly warm out, it really felt like Spring. It was so nice to have the sun on my face and the window rolled down. It was really fabulous!

10. Tax return. We found out ours would be enough to pay for the siding we need to replace on our new house so we’ll be getting it fixed soon. Between what is left over and my husband’s bonus, we will be able to pay off the car too! Yahoo! We just bought it a few months ago and had not had a car payment for quite some time before that so it’s nice to not have one again. It’s just really a load off of us. There really is something to be said for buying older cars!!

So, thanks Amanda for this idea, it was nice looking back and having things to smile about today!

For the rest of you, what can I smile with you about?