Ten Smile Tuesday

I haven’t done a ten smile in a while, so I wanted to jump on it while I had the chance. Things are going really well here. We are enjoying being a family of four. Hitting some bumps along the way trying to find the right balance, but overall, it has gone suprisingly well and has been a lot smoother of a transistion than I would have anticipated. So, here are some smiles that go along with that transistion:

1. Last night Anna slept through the whole night! Up until now she has been waking at 4 for some refreshments :), but last night was until nearly 7, when Michael moved her and it woke her up. Holy cow, I won’t hold my breath but I hope it continues!!
2. Bath time. Three years later, Lilla is still a water bug. As a matter of fact, she’s in my shower right now, just playing away. The child loves the water and it is good times for her!3. Saturday night. We rarely have people come over but Saturday night friends/family just kept calling to say they were coming over unexpectedly. So much fun and we loved having our house full of people we love!

4. Lilla’s friend, Jenna, was one of the friends over and they had such fun being chased around by Michael and sliding down his leg, it was adorable to see all the giggles and screams of these two precious girls with my husband.5. Jenna has a brother that is 7 weeks older than Anna so we had to get this shot of the future Mr. and Mrs.!
6. Bowling. Some friends invited us to go bowling with their kids on Saturday and since Lilla had never been, of course we had to go. Oh, what fun we had! Definitely there will be a repeat performance very soon!7. Cookies. Yesterday Lilla and I decided to make some nut cookies that I would say, were probably the best cookies I’ve ever made. So buttery and yummy…mmm, mmm!
8. My friend, Angela, who I’ve not seen in over a year stopped by to bring us a meal and say hi the other day and we had such a nice time! Ours daughters are the same age and played so well together, and, enjoyed these yummo cupcakes she brought too!9. Storytime. Lilla has been loving to read more and more lately. The other day when Daddy was home it was so sweet to see them curled up on the couch reading together. Ah, the simple joys of childhood!
10. This dress. I had drolled over it at Cracker Barrel for so long, so when it finally went on clearance I was so glad I was there and snapped it right up. Too cute!
What are you smiling about today?


Such sweetness

I know so many of my posts lately have been things Lilla says, but darned if they aren’t just adorable! It’s like she is suddenly thinking and processing in such a big girl way and my mind is just enamored by it all. So, on that note, I have another fun recent quote from her.

About a week ago, Michael dropped our griddle and the leg broke off it. He was feeling pretty bad and apologizing profusely. As I was a bit irritated I just didn’t say anything.

Lilla looks at him with these big comforting eyes and says, “It’s ok Daddy, you didn’t mean to do it. We go to the store and buy new one.”

Spoken like a true girl!

That about says it all…

Lilla with her very serious face telling the business!

So Lilla and I are sitting on my bed watching the snow fall and I’m explaining to her about seasons. I’m telling her in the winter it’s very cold and snowy so we don’t really go outside a lot. (Particularly in a year with a new baby!) Then I’m telling her about spring and how the grass turns green, the snow melts and flowers bloom. I go on to tell her about the joys of summer and how we swim and the fall with it’s pumpkins and apples as well.

Suddenly she looks out the window, starts pointing at the snow and sternly says, “You need to stop snowing now snow. We need springtime. We go outside. You need to melt so our grass is green!”

Too true, too true! I could not have said it any better myself Lilla!

Thank you!

My sweet friend, Elizabeth, over at Full of Grace and Blessings in Abundance, was so sweet to send Anna a lovely little spring outfit. That was so kind! And then, blessed Lilla with a sweet gift of play-doh for fun! Well, Elizabeth, this is for you…

Oh, and in other news…

Happy One Month Birthday my smiling baby girl…where did the time go?

Out of the mouths…

So the other day Lilla is sitting in the bathtub pondering something deep. I let her keep thinking when suddenly she looks up and says, “Babies cry a lot.”

Yup, Lilla, they sure do!

10 Smile Tuesday

Gosh, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted a 10 Smile Tuesday. I’m such a slacker lately. OK, I guess I do have a tiny 8 pound excuse! 🙂

So we have seriously had a whole lot of smiles lately. It’s amazing what adding a child can add to one’s life. It’s a bit difficult as I am seriously tired, but it’s also wonderful as I look on in enjoyment of my two delicious little girls, and thank God for His blessings.

Here are some smiles for you:

1. Meals. So many people have been so kind to bring us meal after meal, it has been so wonderful and amazing. We are really grateful for such good friends who want to love on us and show us that they care, it has been a super big blessing!

2. New Years. This year one of my friends, Shelly, had a bit of a get together and it was just fun to hang out and ring in the New Year with my girls. 🙂
3. Roll over… Anna rolled over for the first time yesterday…not even 3 weeks old! That is crazy fast! I’m glad I got to see it!
4. This picture. I used it for her announcements, I just love how beautiful she looks in it.

5. First bath. Last week we gave her her first bath. What a special time for us to get to spend with her. Lilla wanted to do all the work, so we had to have a bit of a talk. She seriously thinks this child is her own!
6. Bathtime with Lilla. Every time Michael gives Lilla a bath she comes running out laughing and giggling, jumps in the chair with me and declares, “I naked!” I mean seriously, that is just cute!
7. Slippers. What would childhood be like without a fun pair of slippers? Lilla will never know because she got these hand me down poodles that she is crazy about!
8. Make shift toys. You know, because we have nothing in this house to play with!
9. Once a night. For the past several days Anna has only been waking once during the night for feedings. That is so crazy as Lilla was up every 3 hours for 3 hours. I have to say it’s nice, but I won’t get to used to it just in case. Oh, but it is nice!

10. Breastfeeding. What a blessing it has been! With Lilla it took 10 days for my milk to come in and I was so frustrated. My milk has come in so great this time and Anna is a big old eater. I don’t need to force her at all. I love doing it too, what a special thing for me to be able to do for her! It’s a pretty cool feeling to know I can give her that. I am very thankful to God for this blessing!
Lilla actually took this picture of me breastfeeding Anna. Yes, I said my 2 year old Lilla. And with my very heavy camera. The girl is a minature photographer I tell you! I know you can’t see Anna, but I think the expression on my face just says it all. It’s just peace.

What are you smiling about today?


Today we went to “the other” church I had mentioned in my last post. I had known for awhile that they were about to start a financial peace program but hadn’t put too much thought into it. Apparently the program starts tonight though so that is what the sermon was about. They really want everyone in their church to have financial freedom so they would like everyone to join.

Although we have not completely decided to attend this church or not, we would so love to have financial freedom. I mean really, is there anything that feels so binding as money being “tight”. The pastor said that on average for every dollar the average American makes, they spend $1.22. That is crazy! Debt is such bondage, and it is horrible to have any kind of bondage really.

So, we decided to drop what we are doing for the next 13 weeks and give this program, Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, a real go. Now there is no way we could pay off said bills in 13 weeks, but it sure would be nice to start working towards that so we can have that all important peace!

Here’s to a fresh start!

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