Grosser than Gross Story

Stephanie, over at, is having a contest for a Dirt Devil Kone.  You just need to relay your most grosser than gross story.  And, as moms, we all know you’ve got to have some!  Mine is actually a repeat entry from March 4th.  And, since it just happened again the other day, I am so still relating to it! 

So, without further hesitation, here is my grosser than gross story:

Warning, Warning: If you are eating something DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT go any further…hey, I warned you!!

You know, a few weeks ago I was reading another mommy tell a really ick story about her 8 month old, and thought, oh, how glad I am that was not me. Of course, today, it was me.

So, my hubby put the peanut in the tub for her bath before bedtime. I could hear them in there laughing and playing, meanwhile I was going through old mail to toss away in the kitchen. Suddenly I hear, “Honey, can you come help me? Honey! Honey!!” So, it’s getting louder and louder so I go rushing in there, a little confused and concerned. I walk in to find my husband dry heaving over the side of the tub while my daughter has a confused look, to go along with mine, on her face. I look down at the tub and see, oh yes, brown. Lots and lots of brown. Oh, it is so not pretty. My daughter has pooped in the tub. FOUL!

So, of course, I insist my poor hubby get it out while I grab the peanut up and run her to our tub. My husband starts cleaning the peanut’s tub with Comet in the meantime. After I’ve rinsed the peanut off, start up the water again, tubs filling, I look down again, oh yeah, this is just gross. The child must have felt seriously comfortable in the bath tonight. So, naturally, I make my husband do the cleaning all over again. Oh, there are some serious benefits to being married ladies!

So, she did stop the poop fest about that point. Good thing, because we also ran out of hot water right about then. Oh, the joys of parenthood!


Thursday 13

13 Things I love about my new house

1. Chickens.  I love that there are fresh eggs every day and how the peanut is just enamored by them!

2. I love that that is an extra large storage area upstairs where I can put all my crafting stuff that the peanut won’t be able to get to.

3. I love that there are so many more cabinets, including 2 pantries, than my old house.

4. I love the loft area.

5. I love that we are surrounded by trees.

6. I love the smell of the country air.

7. I love that I can see all the stars as it can be pitch black outside.  I love that the peanut is going to grow up like that!

8. I love the herb garden.  It is pretty large and I don’t know some of the herbs growing.  I will post them soon so maybe one of you can help me out!

9. I love how much land we have now.  Instead of taking a walk around the block, we can do a walk around our yard!

10. I love that the entrance to our room is double doors.  I just think it looks cool!

11. I love that the grass is mature.  Although there are a lot of weeds, it just doesn’t look like the new grass from our old subdivision.

12. I love that I don’t live in a subdivision anymore.  I really have no neighbors and that is ok by me as it just feels so private.

13. I love that there are mature trees and lots of shade!

Can you tell I love my new home?!?!

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Me and My Hubby Meme

So my friend, Christine, at tagged me for this meme.  Basically it’s just to tell you 8 things about my husband and I, so, here goes:

1. We met in October of 2003 at church.

2. We both knew by date #2 that we would get married.

3. We got married April 3, 2004.

4. We went to Big Bear Lake in CA for our honeymoon.

5. We both really enjoy being outside.

6. He is a morning person and I’m a night person.

7. We are both very interested in missions. (in case you couldn’t tell from previous posts about Hungary!)

8. We really enjoy looking at Christmas lights in December as it prepares us for the holidays and gets us in the mood!


Well there you have it.  If you are so inclined, please do the meme too!  Then let me know so I can visit you!

I’m going home, to the place where I belong…

I am so not kidding with this title people.  I feel like pinocchio shouting, “I’m a real girl!  I have a real key!!”  Ok, he didn’t exactly say either of those two statements, but you get my point.

My in-laws and I went to get the key tonight and seriously, the house is even better than I remember.  I just love the house, and love the yard.  My father-in-law and I walked down to where the garden area is (which is mostly empty now as they were planning on selling so they did not plant this year.)  There are a couple of straggler tomato plants, a bunch of strawberry plants and a grape vine growing real grapes.  Holy cow, I think I’ll start a winery! 🙂

Next year I’m totally growing green and red peppers, cucumbers, zucchini and green beans too!  I can’t wait!  Now, about this time next year when nothing has come in and it’s all dead from lack of something I should have done, as in give them water, I may need to restate that. I am so not kidding people.  I have the most brown thumb of them all.  The lady I bought the house from had a lot of planters outside and asked me if she could leave them until next week.  I told her she could but please don’t expect me to take care of them.  They will die a tragic death by the weekend…so not good!

I tried keeping my mother-in-laws tomatoes in good condition by adding water last week and they turned yellow the next day.  You think I may have given them just a wee bit too much water?

I’m moving on…

Today is the day we finally get the keys to our house.  Seriously, I feel like this process has been going on forever!  We only started 2 1/2 months ago even considering selling our home so I really am fortunate, however, it just seems like so long ago.  I am so ready to be in the house!  We actually won’t be getting the keys until 6pm.  The former owners didn’t even start packing until we signed the papers last week so I suppose they need every last minute.  Ugh, I’m just so ready to go!

My husband’s parents have been more than giving and kind to us, I have to say.  They have done everything they can to make us feel like we are home.  His mom even did our laundry while I was gone last week.  Folded it and everything, crazy!  I haven’t had anyone do that since I was in high school!  She is just such a great mom, I really cannot complain.  I love that I am able to say that about my mother in law!

We are still back about $800 for our trip, which is next Friday!  I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone!  One week from Saturday we’ll be in Hungary!  We still don’t have the peanut’s passport, which, of course, we are pretty concerned about.  We actually just made an appointment at the regional center in Chicago, however, not only is it 4 hours away, the appointment is for 2 days before the trip.  That’s cutting it pretty close, particularly since it’s the New Orleans office that has the passport.  We pray we can get it before we leave, I’d hate to leave the peanut anywhere for 10 days.  I’d probably go crazy!

Last week we spent the day with my sister and her wards 🙂 at a park.  Is this picture not adorable of the peanut and her cousin?

Can you tell they are crazy about each other?

So, you are updated on the goings on of this family.  Just keeping on our toes and trying to keep our sanity! Take care all!

Saturday Photo Hunt

Theme: Shadow

Me and my shadow…strolling down the avenue…

The peanut is finally walking and is she proud or what?!?!


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Friday’s Feast

{Featured Flickr Feast by tspauld}

What is your favorite fruit?

I love all fruits, but I guess bananas would be right up there.  They are just so perfect in so many ways.  But pineapple, oranges, apples, kiwis, mangoes…oh yummmmmm….

Who is someone you consider as a great role model?

My pastor, he really lives what he believes and is very honest with his faults.  I appreciate that.

If you were to spend one night anywhere within an hour of your home, where would you choose?

A bed and breakfast in Brown County, IN in the fall when the colors change.  Gorgeous!!

Main Course
Name something you do too often.

Pee on a stick.  LOL 🙂

Fill in the blank: I really like ___________ because ____________.

I really like Meijer for their fresh fruits and vegetables.  See, all that talk of fruit makes me want some!!

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