A little over a week ago, we went to Disney World for the week.

Something not at all like us.

We never take vacations.

This year we did.

And, I can’t say we were disappointed.

We had fun on a Safari.

And having breakfast with princesses.

And hugging Mickey.

And kissed Donald on the nose.

Seeing a Broadway type production.

And shot down the bad guys.

And spent a lot of time trying to cool off.

And finally saw The World.

Nothing beats the beach

This past week we spent in Florida. Disney was the name of the game for 5 days. The last two days we spent driving back to Indy and we are ever so tired. But, we did manage to fit in a couple of hours in Jacksonville beach on our way back, and oh, we love the beach so much. It’s too bad we are so land locked, because I would so be there all the time. Here are a few pics from that day…

We can hardly wait to go back again!

A walk in the park

Today, I took Anna for a walk in the park.

She wore a little white hat.
With the flower on the top.

I took a lot of pictures.
She watched the ducks.

And relaxed on a bench.

And worked hard not to trip on the path.

What a nice way to spend a day.


I was just thinking of that old Gershwin song, “Summertime, and the living is easy…” Well, I’m sure when Gershwin wrote the song the summers were kind of slow and calm and full of fish and cotton. Of course the only fish we have now are shrimp on the grill and the cotton is in our dresses. Life is just not that slow pace it used to be. Always seem to be going, going, gone. Some of the things that have filled up our days lately?

1. Soccer practice. We signed Lilla up for an instructional soccer class. We now know, she is not, I repeat, not, a soccer player. So, on to the next thing.
2. Ballet. She has lately insisted she is however, a ballerina. So, we found an inexpensive ballet class at the parks department and she really does love ballet. She’s had one week so far so I’ll fill you in on how that goes.
3. Swimming. Today we were at a local pool and the girls had a blast! We spent hours there and woah, were they ever tired on the way home. They loved playing and splashing and just having a good time being kids.

4. Garage sales. Last week I started back into it. I love garage sales. I take very little money but have fun just hunting for treasures! I found some beautiful pillowcases for $1 a piece that I can’t wait to make into pillowcase dresses.
5. Gardening. Much of my garden time should be better explained as weed pulling. I seem to live for it these days. We now have tomatoes, green peppers, lettuce, cucumber, zucchini, 3 types of squash, green beans, watermelon, broccoli, eggplants, onions and herbs growing. Hopefully we can get some sunflowers to grow too. Oh, and there are raspberries, blueberries and blackberries on the bushes. And apples, pears and peaches on the trees. Got to love that!

What has been keeping your busy lately?


We have to get a new air conditioner. That totally stinks. It won’t come until next Thursday. It’s really hot in here! So…we’ve had to come up with some ways to cool down.

Our bigger pool is broken so they are chillaxin in the bitty pool.

Popsicles, of course!!


Or…just sit in the fridge. I kid you not, Anna walked over to the fridge, hit it until I opened it and then sat down in it. Hilarious!