And such…

I keep wondering why it has been so long in between blog posts this year.
I used to be so regular.
I constantly had funny or interesting tales or insights (at least I thought they were) that I couldn’t wait to share with the world.
I loved sitting down and just writing away.
So I’m left wondering, what happened to all of that cleverness.
Then, I look around.
There are school books, papers and videos stacked everywhere it seems.
The dust is like an inch thick.
My husband washed the dishes and Lilla commented that she didn’t ever remember seeing our sink so empty.
Anna just got potty trained. This week I say!! PARTY!! She still makes me go in the bathroom with her while she goes #2 though. That is oh so much fun and always at a convenient hour.
We have to get in as many Santa visits as humanely possible.
My husband just asked me today if I could make his whole team cookies and candy and other goodies for a Christmas thing on Friday.
Oh, and there is that whole party thing going on in just a week and a half to celebrate the big 3!! Uh, I might want to plan that.
I have a counselee that comes to see me every week. It still blows my mind that they let me do that. Seriously, me?
I have things like letter blends and spelling rules made into silly little songs plastered in my brain that take over.
I have to lay in bed with that soon to be 3 year old every night while we pet each others hair and sing praise and worship songs to each other.
I had a whole laundry basket of socks to try to match up today. It is shocking how many don’t have a friend.
I have an upper respiratory infection too that required a Dr. visit today.
I have to teach a little person to read. This is much harder than it looks.
Oh, and my bathroom looks like Toys R’ Us hit it.
I can’t find the other ballet shoe.
Let’s not even mention the car…
Huh, I wonder, why is it again I’m not blogging? 🙂

Say Click…take a pic!

As you may know from the, often, copious amounts of pictures I paste all over my blog, I’m a bit of a shutterbug. I love taking pictures. So much that Anna’s clearest first word was, “Cheeeeeeese”. I’m really not kidding. So, of course I want the perfect picture for all of my Christmas cards. I dress them up in matching clothes, try to pose them in an adorable way in front of the tree or fireplace and, this is what I get…

Because I’m just that good!
So, I figure if I’m going to have a not so good picture, I better have at least a cute Christmas card to go with it. I’ve been scouring the internet for deals and adorable cards. One of the places I always wind back up at is Shutterfly. I’m sure most of you are familiar with it because it’s been around for awhile and it seems they are always running some kind of a deal on pictures, photo cards,

Christmas photo cards, Christmas cards…you name it when it comes to pictures and they most likely have it. Everytime I’ve ordered from them I’ve gotten photos back quick and easy and they look great. Not like the ones from Wal-Mart that usually cut off everyone’s heads. Ugh!
Last year we got the grandparents photo mugs from Shutterfly and they had to be the biggest hit on Christmas. Everyone loved them!
And, through the end of Dec. 10, 2010, Shutterfly is running a promotion for bloggers that you can get 50 free photo cards if you do a post like this!! This is a great deal and I hope you all will take advantage of it! Go here to find out more and participate!

Here are a few of my faves:

Which do you like the best?

Blog Hop

Lately I’ve been wanting to find some new blogs to read, and I found this blog hopping/following party on a blog that follows mine, so I thought I’d play along.

Blogger envy

Do you ever get blogger envy? Seeing all the cool free stuff that the bigger named bloggers get. Being blown away by the amount of comments just a picture of their adorable little cherub gives them. Then listening to how they went on this trip or that trip absolutely free because some company just wants to reward them for being super mom of the year.

Well, I did. It started annoying me as I read twitter post after twitter post, blog after blog, and facebook status’ which abounded with just how “lucky” they are to be who they are. Then hundreds of comments would flow about how wonderful they were and oh, if anyone deserved it they sure did. Seriously starting to gag me.

But, maybe I’ve changed a little bit today. As I think about how my days may be boring to some, I sleep in until 8:30 most days, until my oldest comes in and wakes me up. We then cuddle until we hear my youngest crying. I grab some milk (I’m starting to wean) with cereal and fruit for her and we play on the floor while she munches away. We then might go to a playdate or MOPS or storytime or the museum or the zoo. We can stay as long as we want, so we do. My little one takes a nap and my oldest and I do school or crafts or watch a movie together. Once little Anna wakes up, she snacks, we clean, we make dinner. My husband comes home and we all eat together, do baths, hang out and read. And then my husband and I play on our computers or talk or watch our favorite show. Some nights we have church events or dinner with friends, but usually the evenings are just to relax together. No extravagant trips, no major companies knocking on my door begging me to say their name, no free major appliances.


My life has no deadlines. I don’t feel like I need to spend hours every day, or even week, blogging or tweeting. I don’t have so many emails I have to tell my “fans” I can’t answer them, and then, I don’t have to feel guilty about people thinking I think I’m too good for them. I don’t have to justify my behavior to anyone, particularly people online whom I’ve never met. I don’t have people insulting me online because they are jealous of me. I don’t have to read 15 pages of comments everytime I post from people whose blogs I’ll never in my life have a chance to visit. I don’t have the media knocking on my door because I tweeted when my son fell in the pool, asking for prayers. I don’t have people critiquing every word I say, just because I have a bajillion followers.

Yeah, I think I’m ok with being a once a week blogger, with an easy going life and spirit and with just a handful of followers, after all. It suits this small time blogger pretty well.

Babywearing Stash

Over at Adventures in Babywearing, Steph is asking everyone to show off their babywearing stash. I actually have a pouch sling, ring sling and two of these:
Both my husband and I prefer to carry her in the backpack. For my husband, he feels less dorky. For me, I have issues with backpain and one chubby little baby so this seems to distribute the weight much better! Anna absolutely loves being carried. She actually gets frustrated in the ring sling and pouch sling but in the backpack she is happy from the word go! It has been especially great when we are on trips, like San Francisco when we didn’t even take a stroller. She is at eye level to everything and we can get in and out of places so much easier.

Do you love your slings too?

Banner help

Since a few of you have asked, I thought I’d give you the big old secret to my banner. Photoshop. Yup, it’s just good old Photoshop. It allows you to choose pictures and put them in different ways, I then cropped it and had to put it in to make it smaller. There is probably a way to do it in Photoshop, in fact I’m sure there is, I just don’t understand photoshop that well yet. Seriously complicated. My husband was so kind to buy me a book about it for Christmas I’ve just not taken the time to really sit down and read it yet. Probably any photo program like photoshop or Corel could do it. They are kind of expensive but if you like photography like I do it’s worth it to get to play with your photos and make them kind of cool.

Have a great day all!

Let the peace of God Reign

In my last post I blogged about the Smith family who were facing the loss of their unborn child, Audrey. Yesterday she was born by c-section and they were able to spend two lovely hours with their daughter before she passed away. I am thankful for that this morning but my heart hurts for them, as it does with so many other blogger friends that I have met that have lost children. I honestly can not think of one thing more difficult in this life.

Through it all though they are trusting in God and in his blessed hope. Please join me in praying that the peace of God will continue to reign in their lives as the days ahead (burial, memorial service, recovery of body and soul) will surely prove to be challenging.

Let the peace of God reign,

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