My New Favorite Pictured

I took this picture today. It brings me joy.

Saturday Photo Hunt – Hanging

This week at VBS, the older kids played tug of war. They were HANGING on to that rope for dear life! In the front is a friend’s son, he was yelling at me, “Stop taking pictures!!” He, he!
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I am a photographer. I love pictures. I love to take pictures. I love the feeling of having a camera in my hand. If I were to walk into your home, you can be assured the very first thing I would do is to search out those pieces of you. To me it is a glimpse into the person, who they were and who they have become, what is important to them.

I see my life in pictures too. Like when I used to play in my turtle sandbox in the backyard of my childhood home all by myself. Click. Or when I first played Oregon Trail on a computer in a little room of the library at school. Click. The day I insisted I needed braces so at least one thing on me would be pretty. Click. The day I stood next to one of my best friends and graduated from Union County High School. Click. The day I decided I needed wide open spaces and moved to Seattle for grad school. Click. The second date with my husband, riding on the back of his crotch rocket and thinking of the bible verse from Joel, “I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten.” Click.

There was another day that was a click moment too. Picking out the bedding that would be part of Lilla’s nursery, 3 1/2 years ago. I remember it was the day of my shower and my mom wanted to get some things I still needed. We were walking around Target and I just loved the Amy Coe collection with pale pastel stripes on the dust ruffle. For the following 2 1/2 years I so enjoyed seeing those lovely stripes when I would go in to her room at night to rock, hold and nurse her. They were lovely. Finally she got to the point of being in her toddler bed and we took down the bedding, only to be put in a box for the next year.

When Anna was born she got a bed that doesn’t use a dust ruffle, so when we had the recent MOPS yard sale, in went that dust ruffle. 50 cents was the going rate. The day went by and I didn’t notice when it was purchased and gone for good. Or so I thought.

This Saturday I went to the local arts and crafts fair with my close friend, Shelley. A friend who sews, Emily, was displaying her beautiful creations. I was looking through her collection when I see a lovely dress she had made with pale pastel stripes on it. I commented on how lovely it was when she said, “Oh, that was a dust ruffle I bought at the yard sale.” I couldn’t believe it! The dust ruffle from Lilla’s room…click…the snapshots came back.

Sadly, we are having major septic issues so I couldn’t afford the dress, but Emily was so kind as to set it back for me for later. Then again, that, of course, may have been due to how tear stained it became after I cried over the snapshot in my head. It hurt me to walk away from the dress, but oh the tenderness I felt when I pictured the snapshot in my head.

Later, as I spoke with the local harvest council rep., my friend Shelley snuck back and got that dress for me. What joy and thankfulness I felt as I opened the package she handed me. Click, one more photo to hold in my heart.
And then, I must say, because Shelley has a little vicarious living to do through my little Anna since her youngest peanut is 5, she also had to get the little lovebug something too. Is this not adorable?

Thank you Shelley, for being part of this sweet snapshot!


And for my last minute entry for the photo contest that Christine at is giving:

Really not one of my best pictures. Shot with my old, old camera several years ago. What can I say? I haven’t been to a wedding in awhile (everyone I know is married these days!!) so I had to choose an old shot. This was the most fun I could find, and you know, I just roll that way. LOL
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Bye, Bye, Bye

I actually do have a good excuse for not blogging in so long this time. Last Wednesday, I was rushing and I turned off my laptop with the button instead of the start menu and I found out, you should never, ever, ever do this. A file got corrupted and I lost EVERYTHING. Included in that everything were over 3 months of pictures. Pictures that can never be replaced. Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, Birthday…it’s just heartbreaking to me. I am thankful that I have this blog as I’ve put some pictures out there but the last few months I’ve been pretty bad at blogging so it doesn’t even touch the amount of pictures I lost. And, I have been so good at taking pictures of Lilla every week since she’s been alive and all those photos are just gone. I wonder in some way if the Lord was teaching me to be humble because I was really proud of that. And, I defintiely believe that pride comes before a fall. It certainly did in this case.

It kills me to think about it. Fortunately I figured out I had videorecorded Christmas morning here when Lilla first came down the stairs and opening some presents. That was the part that really killed me to lose because I put no Christmas pictures on my blog and it was our first christmas in our house. I was just devestated so figuring out about the camcorder really gave me some peace.

For those who are wondering about recovery, we tried. It didn’t work. We could have paid Best Buy $500 to try a different way but it wasn’t a guarentee and we honestly couldn’t have afforded it even if it was a guarentee. So, we had to wipe the drives clean. It took Michael a couple of days to wipe it and then put the stuff I needed back on it but here I am again, blogging. With a heavy heart though, with a very heavy heart.

Here’s more of an update on everything else:
Sickies: It’s finally over for our family. Everyone is healthy again and it is beyond wonderful to say that. It’s hard to want to leave the house now knowing how many other people are still sick. I can just feel the germs a crawling.

Photos: Friday I went to get the peanut’s two year picture taken. It didn’t go well. So unwell that I refused to even look at them. Today we went to try again. It was about the same. We did get a couple of good ones in this time. Unfortunately they were in her play outfit, not the lovely dress that I couldn’t wait to get her picture taken in. I will post them once I get a hold of them next week.

Time Away: Michael and I did get to have a one night getaway last week. Full paid for at a really nice hotel and restraunt downtown and breakfast in our room in the morning. It was really a lovely time and a good time of refreshing. Besides, of course, being the night I lost all my info, it was really perfect.

Spreading the Word: We are starting a new Sunday night evangalism course at our church and it is really good. We are so excited about it and how it is already lighting a fire under our tooshes. I’m not sure why but I sure get energized when I let God work through me.

So that’s the news from this end, I will be trying to visit sometime soon. Drop me a line and let me know how you are doing too!