Twick o Tweat

I know it’s a week late, but I must admit, I am usually a day late and a dollar short. Alas, here is a peek into our Halloween fun.

What is Halloween without your posse?

Trying to get my annual on the porch picture. There are MANY more like this.

This last picture I had to share because Lilla likes to put her full self into everything…ha!

6 Year old Mercies

Call it fun-sized or vertically challenged or petite, at 5’1 (and a half, that half is very important when you are 5’1!), I have always been the smallest one in any group. Not only was I always, and I’m not using always lightly here, the smallest, I was always the slowest too. The term, “Wait up!”, was probably the most overused in my small childhood vocabulary. You can imagine this made for a great time in gym class, particularly when teams were being chosen. Yep, ALWAYS, the last one chosen. Always.

(Just to give you a point of reference, this pic was taken at MOPS a couple years
ago. I’m the one in the black dress down front. It was a few days before I gave
birth to Anna, so don’t judge too hard on how I puffy I look! 🙂

All that to say, I now have a 4 year old in the same predicament. She is nearing 5 and her cousin, who just turned 3, has passed her in height. Yep, pint sized peanut sure seems to sum it up here. She is also the slowest. She took soccer this past summer and the younger kids were just flying by her as she struggled to juggle the ball down the field.

Halloween this year was much of the same. She just couldn’t keep up with the kids running from house to house. She went with a large group and when they went to the door and were crowded around it, she was usually right in the middle of the kids and they all were reaching over her head and around her to get candy. She was often the last one getting it and, even when she wasn’t, the last one off the stoop and down the walkway.
(Lilla is the one running down the driveway,
the other kids already on the sidewalk,
running to their next stop)

I could see her getting more and more frustrated and doing the old familiar, “Wait up everybody!” When it comes to buckets of free candy though, as anyone with kids knows, it’s every man for himself. So, she tried to rush more and she began getting worn down and tripping. Tears starting flowing, it wasn’t pretty. My heart ached for that of my own childhood, left out and alone. I just so get those feelings.

Suddenly though, the mercy of a 6 year old was given to her. One little girl said, “I’ll walk with Lilla.” It was one of the loveliest things I’ve ever seen a child do and I’m just overwhelmed with a sense of humility and gratefulness to her for it. She knew she was giving up running with the other kids, giving up getting as much candy, sacrificing her own desires for that of a friend.

I can’t help but think of what the Bible says in John 15:13 says, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” It may seem like, come on now, it’s just candy, it’s not really laying down your life, no, it’s not physical dying, but it is dying to self. This sweet 6 year old gave up her own desires, to show a friend love and compassion.

Mercy, plain and simple. And I will always be grateful to the compassion and generousity of a 6 year old for teaching it to me, and to Lilla.

Oh…and just because Anna was so cute, I gotta give you a peek…baaaaaa….

Friday Fragments

I haven’t done any type of meme in awhile, and really, my writing has been so blah lately, it’s like my brain has half stopped. So, I thought I’d try out this Friday Fragments one I found today from a real life friend, Sarah, who had it on her blog.
Mommy's Idea
So, my understanding is you just kind of throw out there what this past week has been for you and your family.

I’m in the process of becoming a biblical counselor through Rod and Staff Ministries, so Monday night I had a great class. I was a social worker for a number of years so this takes a very different look at the way to help people. I love all the biblical knowledge I’m learning and am excited to learn more over the course of this next year. A little nervous too as I’m thinking I am just so unprepared, wow, big job!

We had a terrible storm here in the midwest the other day. I was driving along one of our country roads yesterday and saw roofs torn off houses, trees toppled onto cars and debris strewn about. I’m so thankful that our home and family were not directly affected. Scary stuff!

This week was pumpkin carving week at our house though. I’ve always loved to stick my hands in the goop and pull out all those seeds. Then it’s so fun to create something out of it. Always a good time!
Anna wore this hat the other day, which has no relation to anything, I just thought it was so stinkin’ cute, I had to share!

Oh, and I saw this sunset the other day that just amazed me! The sermon series we are doing right now at church was emphasizing the creation of God and what an artist He is. I just stood in amazement at His handwork. Much better than any VanGogh or Monet I’ve ever seen!
Tonight my husband and I are getting a babysitter. Now that’s big news! We never do that but part of the sermon series is also on being romantic to your spouse, so we are going to see a real play. Yay! My very favorite thing to do, which since I stay home with my kids, never do anymore. What stay at home mom has the money for that? But, our little town has a playhouse, I’m sure it’s way low budget, but it will be a blast anyway! Can’t wait, we are seeing Arsenic and Old Lace, one of my favorite Carey Grant movies!
Tomorrow is my brother and sister in laws annual haunted barn party. It is going to be a cold night here in the midwest so we will have to bundle up the kiddos. My oldest also has a fancy nancy tea party to attend too that day, how fun is that?

Sunday is, of course, the big trick or treat day. Lilla is going to be snow white and Anna is a lamb. Too cute!

Hope there are more treats than tricks for you this Halloween weekend!

10 Smile Tuesdays

Summer is such a great time. We are busy swimming, eating watermelon, going to get togethers, travelling, taking walks, having cookouts, building gardens, harvesting the goods…so much to do, so little time. Unfortunately, my blog suffers as a result, hence why my posts are so far and between. We did have a super independence day though so I wanted to give a quick 10 favorite smiles of the past weekend. Hope you were able to celebrate our freedoms in great ways too!
1. This was actually toward the end of the weekend, late Monday, when I snapped this from the side. Can you tell Lilla had absolutely nothing left?

2. Anna, cracking everyone up with “Touchdown, Colts!!”
3. We have our own little fireworks show at my parent’s every year. And who doesn’t love a little lighting up of the sky on the 4th?
4. And what would the 4th be without a little glowstick action too?
5. My brother in law’s family always has a big get together too and no party is complete without the volleyball competition.
6. And we lived in our bathing suits all weekend.
7. Because everywhere we went there was water. And we loved it!
8. Well, sometimes we loved it.
9. And Anna toted around all the rugged, drug through the dirt, scruffy stuffed animals and dog toys she could find.
10. Oh, and of course, because it is summer, there had to be a nudey baby walking the streets!
How did you celebrate your independence?

A Thing

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s DayWe went downtown, to the paradeWith friendsWe acted silly and mischievous
We walked, A LOT
We smiled, even more
SOME people yelled for more candy (oh no, not my child! LOL)
Someone also got a little bit of Colts Mascot love
And I got teary
Because, although it was just a simple day, it was precious.
And, I don’t want to miss a thing.

Thankful Thursday

As the days whip by in a rapid pace closer and closer to the Thanksgiving holiday next weekend, my thoughts are drawn on all that I have to truly be thankful for. We found out today that a fellow we know from church lost his job, we are thankful for income. When I bought some canned vegetables this week I couldn’t help but think of the local food pantry that needs to be stocked, and we are thankful for food on our table. Then I hear about a blogger who is struggling to survive, and I am thankful for my health. When I hear of all the desperate ways people I know are grasping at happiness, which just seems to be out of their reach, I am thankful for the cross.

And…here are two more beautiful little things I am thankful for this week…


Just because my bug and my monkey are too cute for words, I had to prove it to you!

Hope your Halloween was sweet too!

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