Ready for her close up

Yesterday Anna was insisting that she needed to go outside. Lilla has a little motorized John Deere tractor she could see from the window and she just knew she had to get in it. So, I let her go out and, of course, she popped right in. I thought she looked so cute I went in to get my camera and when I came back out she was already running around the yard. I told her I wanted to get a picture of her in the car so she got in, propped her feet up on the dash, smiled all goofy and said, “Cheeeeeeeese”. She’s such a punk.
Then the girls got on the trampoline, and the real fun began. How I wish I had taped the laughs coming out of Anna. Big belly, straight from her heart pure sweet laughter. I loved every giggle and smile, it was lovely!

And I saved the best for last. Just looking at this picture makes my heart happy. It’s like they are sharing a secret only they will ever know. I’ll admit I told them to “give sissy kiss”, but they did this sweet laughter/smile all by themselves. These two are such a pair!



A little over a week ago, we went to Disney World for the week.

Something not at all like us.

We never take vacations.

This year we did.

And, I can’t say we were disappointed.

We had fun on a Safari.

And having breakfast with princesses.

And hugging Mickey.

And kissed Donald on the nose.

Seeing a Broadway type production.

And shot down the bad guys.

And spent a lot of time trying to cool off.

And finally saw The World.

A Thing

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s DayWe went downtown, to the paradeWith friendsWe acted silly and mischievous
We walked, A LOT
We smiled, even more
SOME people yelled for more candy (oh no, not my child! LOL)
Someone also got a little bit of Colts Mascot love
And I got teary
Because, although it was just a simple day, it was precious.
And, I don’t want to miss a thing.

The Lady in Pink

Every year at Christmas time my grandmother is gracious and gives our family enough to get a Children’s Museum pass and zoo pass for the year. We have so enjoyed many, many days at both venues over the past three years. We have enjoyed getting splashed by the dolphins at the zoo, sliding down the yule slide at the museum, feeding the giraffes mangoes and sizing up the dinosaur bones, trick or treating at zoo boo and going for rides on the carousel. They have both just been a blessing for our family.

This past week was no different as we were able to enjoy the new Barbie exhibit at the Children’s Museum. It was so fun to reminisce about my childhood as I perused over the dolls, introduced Lilla to Western Barbie (my all time favorite Barbie doll that I played with until the clothes literally fell apart, according to my sister. I apparently cried, which, is not abnormal when it comes to me!)and watched her partake in a fashion show. She loved getting to put real makeup on and walk down the runway in her high fashion duds, design outfits for future Barbie
dolls and pretend to be the Paparazzi!

This is an exhibit worth seeing!