It was merry

Christmas was filledwith all kinds of cheer,The kind that comesOnly this time of year,There was whole lot of laughterAnd joy,All to celebrateA little bitty boy.We made gingerbread housesAnd left sugar cookiesHoping the man in redWouldn’t just leave us book-ies.The day came and wentOh so awful quickBefore we knew itIt was such a kick!Lots of familyContinue reading “It was merry”

It’s the Most Wonderful Time

I love Christmastime. There is just something about this time of year that is so fun, and brings me back to being a small child, full of wonder and awe. I love the lights, the baked goods, the flashes of red all about. It honestly just makes me feel all warm inside thinking about theContinue reading “It’s the Most Wonderful Time”

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Gosh, where has the last week gone? It has flown by and I have basically been just far from blogland. I just feel like I’ve been super busy, which is a good thing. What does the bible say? Idle hands are like the devil’s playground? OK, that’s not word for word, but you get myContinue reading “O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree”