As I peruse facebook, so often I see posts from mom’s and dad’s about how their child won the jump roping the world competition or spelled the longest word in the dictionary with no repeated letters (Uncopyrightable) or how their 1 year old has gone #2, 2 1/2 times that day.  (TMI people, TMI!!)

As a parent, I know what it is like to be proud of your child.  You want to be proud of them and you want the world to also see the awesomeness that exudes from their very pores.  Don’t we all as parents?
Well, today, something happened that made me a different kind of proud.  I went in to drop Lilla off at VBS tonight.  This was her third night to a church we’ve not visited before.  I had searched for this particular VBS and that’s how she wound up there as it was the closet to our house.  Anyway, her leader stopped me for a little bit of small talk and then was talking about Lilla had taken part in the discussions and referred to her going to this VBS before.  I told her she had not, she said, well, I know she’s not been to this church before but she has been to this VBS.  I again told her she had not.  This conversation went on for about a minute before she understood Lilla had in fact not been to this VBS.  
The lady then kind of stared at me kind of dumbfoundedly.  She then said, “She knows all the answers and is telling us the stories.”  I kind of laughed and said, “She really likes Bible stories.”  She then told me how this was not normal how well she really knew the stories, she just couldn’t believe she’d never been to this VBS before and how Lilla kept them on their toes.
My heart swelled with joy because I really want her to know and love the Bible.  I want her to have an understanding and theology that only bring her closer to her creator.  I’m not saying this to get a “good job Amy”, I’m actually saying it to say, this is what is important.  Sports and academics and all the other stuff has it’s place, but oh, for our children to have their hearts and minds set on God…well, there is just nothing else like that in the world.  
Luke 2:19  But Mary treasured all these things, pondering them in her heart.

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