Disney Land for Adults

Last week I went to Hawaii. It was a top performer’s trip my husband earned last year for work. We were spoiled silly and it was awesome! Beautiful resort, awesome food, cool people. The list goes on and on. Here are some highlights…

Sunset at the resort. This was taken with my point and shoot camera, which tells you it was a pretty amazing sunset. They all were.

Breakfast of copious amounts of fruit. At one point I thought I might become a papaya with lime. Thankfully I didn’t, but, I brought my love for the stuff back to my girls and now they are happily munching away at it too!

New friends! This is my new friend Kara, who edits a blog called Simple Kids. If you are not familiar with it, you should be. It has a lot of current and useful information. Go check it out. She lives not too far from me, loved that it took going to Hawaii to meet her!

(Fake) Relaxing. It rained a lot in Hawaii, which, all told that is better than Midwest Rain so I’m kind of OK with it. In this picture it was raining over Hawaii and beautiful as soon as the ocean started. This happened a lot. Bizarre. Another point and shoot picture which is why the coloring is so funny.

I got to take lots of pictures with my husband. Crazy, this has not happened in 5 years!
I got to be goofy with my husband.
I got to dress up with my husband.
I went ziplining! I even purposely hung upside down hundreds of feet above a waterfall. It felt awesome!
We found this Petroglyph Park. It was really cool. Love history!
We remembered anew why we got married!
And yes, for those wondering, they do give you a lei when you get off the plane!
We went to a black sand beach.
We understood why people would live here!
We went to a Luau.
I wore ridiculous amounts of sunblock, a big hat and sunglasses and did not get burned. It was a small miracle!

I wore a fresh flower in my hair. Which I’d never done before but was quite lovely!
We went up to the mountains where the temperature dropped a whopping 40 degrees!
We saw a lot of hilarious signs.
We went snorkeling off this boat.
And swam with these sea turtles!

Yeah. It was pretty great!

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