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Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the net. I’ve been blogging for nearly five years now, but am not the most regular of bloggers. When I only had one child I blogged just about every day for awhile there, but life gets in the way and…well, I’m sure many of you know how that goes.

So, let me tell you a little about myself. I’m sure you will never guess my name, from my blog title, but I am Amy. I am a recovering social worker, I stay at home with my girls these days, and probably the only conservative one you will ever meet. I’ve never met another, that’s for sure! I like to do creative things, like draw and paint and scrapbook, but I’m not particularly good at any of them. I wish I had more time to learn, but maybe someday I will. I also enjoy baking, I think it’s so fun to have people enjoy the yummy morsels you make. I can cook on my own, but baking I use recipes, like this one I found on I Am Baker’s website:
And let me just say it was delicious!! Very time consuming, but yuuuuummm!!

I also really love photography. Part of that artist in me too. I’m always looking at things thinking of how I would take a picture of them to make it look the best. I think my family thinks I’m the paparazzi I take so many pictures. Always looking for that best shot!

Here’s me with my husband, Michael. He looks very goofy in this picture. Unless you take a picture when he’s not suspecting it, he always looks goofy. Something about camera anxiety maybe. He needs a diagnosis for sure!

Michael is a great guy. Very smart, hardworker (he manages a team of stockbrokers), loves his family, loves his God even more, is a great provider for all of us and best of all, agrees that it is in the best interest of our kids for me to stay home with them and hopefully homeschool them in grade school. He also loves Star Wars, Colts football and video games, but, we won’t hold it against him. He also works with the kids in kids church and you can tell why they love him! Also living in my house is my 4 year old firstborn, Lilla. Lilla means beauty, innocence and purity, and she is all of the above and so much more. She is a very smart, thoughtful girl with a hilarious sense of whimsy about her. You just never know what this child is going to say next. The other day on the way to Awana she asked me why we were put on Earth!
Try answering that so a four year old can understand it. Wow! I homeschool Lilla for preschool, although not regularly enough. As she is starting to learn to read though I think we will probably start kindergarten in the fall.
Lilla enjoys writing letters, designing art projects, dressing up,

dancing and sings

saying “I love you”, playing with her best friend, Gracie, baking with mommy, jumping on the trampoline and making her sister bounce up and down, have books read to her, eat pepperoni and drink apple juice, ponder deep thoughts and scream at the top of her lungs. That last part is not my favorite. No, really. 🙂

My second daughter is now 15 months. Her name is Anna and she is an absolute ball of fire. She is so spirited in all she does and doesn’t do anything half way. She laughs with her whole heart, hugs with her whole heart and screams with her whole heart too. She is even louder than my older one!
Anna is a daddy’s girl, and she looks and acts like him too! She is very mechanically inclined and can put things together, and pull them apart, quicker than anyone we know!
She also puts everything in her mouth. And I mean EVERYTHING!

Anna loves to wear jewelry, particularly necklaces, as seen in the above picture. She is also, finally, learning to walk. She crawls so fast you can hardly keep track of her so we can only imagine what she’ll do once she begins walking. I spend most of my days doing this:
She took 8 steps in a row today, so we are making progress!

We affectionately refer to her as King Kong, and this is why:

We also have a four legged friend living with us, her name is Ellie Mae. She is a 6 1/2 year old beagle that just loves us to death, but who drives me batty with her fur and her licking. Still, we do love her and can really not see our home without Ms. Ellie.
Thanks for stopping in to meet us today! I hope that you will tell me you stopped by, leave a note and I will drop by to meet and greet you too!

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What are you hoping to win?


Wordless Wednesday

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10 Smile Tuesday

Apparently photoshop elements 5 does not work with Windows 7, so right now I don’t have an editing software. Until I can go get it, you will have to forgive how raw these photos are. Not even able to crop….ugh! Even so, we had a great holy week, full of smiles and laughter. And here’s what made us smile…

1. Matzoh covers. We shared a Seder meal with our good friends to celebrate the Passover. All week long we talked to the children about what the passover meant to the Israelites and to us today. So, we had them make Matzoh covers and Seder decorations to symbolize getting rid of all the yeast in the house.

2. Summer dresses!

3. The grass turning green, daffodils all about and the trees budding.

4. Anna starting to walk…it’s coming!

5. Lots and lots and lots of trampoline bouncing. Even Anna loves to do it. Lilla will bounce and Anna will sit on it and laugh and laugh as she’s tossed to and fro. She thinks it is the bees knees I tell you!

6. First smore of the year!

7. Sharing a Seder with our friends. It was crazy with all five kids, but hey, kids are supposed to be a big part of the Seder so they can understand the Passover story. Lots of funny memories for that one! I have no pictures but at the end we all sang the kid praise and worship songs and ran around the living room having a spontaneous puff ball fight that was just fun. Exactly the memory I want for these wonderful children of their parents having a great time with them!

8. Easter dresses. Need I say more?

9. Celebrating my very good friend, Carrie’s, birthday!

10. Making Easter eggs to hand out to the homeless downtown. Have I told you lately I just love my church?
Some bonus smiles…

11. Spending lots of time with our friends since they were on Spring Break!

12. This picture. Just because I real smile in a picture is rare these days.
13. Decorating eggs the day after Easter just because we ran out of time and she really wanted to do it herself! Sorry, it’s sideways, I’m too lazy to change it. 🙂

14. Starting a new class to become a nouthetic counselor. I haven’t done anything adult related, like taking an actual class, in so long, I forgot what it was like. This class became available through our church though so we thought, why not? I’m excited to see where it takes me!

15. And this picture. Just because I love this moment. 🙂

What are you smiling about this week?

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