Wordless Wednesday

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Follower of Jesus Christ. Wife for Life. Mom to 2 girls. Homeschooler. Missions Minded. Book reader. Traveller. Mountain Loving. Tea drinker.

17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Truly Wordless Wednesday posting here!!! Love the fun they are having and it makes me want a trampoline too. 🙂 My kids would LOVE it!Thanks for visiting my Winter Sowing Wordless Wed!! You can grow your plants like that too. They are OUTSIDE! Hehe…Take care!Dee

  2. Trampolines are so much fun!! We don't have one, but we always make use of my sister's when we go to her house. I love the pictures of the little one grinning and laying on the trampoline! So cute!

  3. I am laughing and smiling right now. They are too cute and clearly enjoying that trampoline. Thanks for stopping by my place — Happy WW!:-)Traci

  4. Your kiddos are adorable! I'm stopping by after seeing your comment on another blog about your SIL getting married on Derby weekend and none of the Louisville family came – HILARIOUS! I live in Louisville and am doing a Blog Derby Party this year – do you think your SIL would mind if I used the story? I don't want to dredge up bad memories, but that story is just irresistable!

  5. aww what an adorable family , yr girls are so precious :0) nothing makes me smile more than a lil girl, my youngest is 5 and she is the boss of the family,and she knows it ! lol 🙂 nice to meet you from ubp10# thx for for your comments and visit:)

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