10 Smile Tuesday

Apparently photoshop elements 5 does not work with Windows 7, so right now I don’t have an editing software. Until I can go get it, you will have to forgive how raw these photos are. Not even able to crop….ugh! Even so, we had a great holy week, full of smiles and laughter. And here’s what made us smile…

1. Matzoh covers. We shared a Seder meal with our good friends to celebrate the Passover. All week long we talked to the children about what the passover meant to the Israelites and to us today. So, we had them make Matzoh covers and Seder decorations to symbolize getting rid of all the yeast in the house.

2. Summer dresses!

3. The grass turning green, daffodils all about and the trees budding.

4. Anna starting to walk…it’s coming!

5. Lots and lots and lots of trampoline bouncing. Even Anna loves to do it. Lilla will bounce and Anna will sit on it and laugh and laugh as she’s tossed to and fro. She thinks it is the bees knees I tell you!

6. First smore of the year!

7. Sharing a Seder with our friends. It was crazy with all five kids, but hey, kids are supposed to be a big part of the Seder so they can understand the Passover story. Lots of funny memories for that one! I have no pictures but at the end we all sang the kid praise and worship songs and ran around the living room having a spontaneous puff ball fight that was just fun. Exactly the memory I want for these wonderful children of their parents having a great time with them!

8. Easter dresses. Need I say more?

9. Celebrating my very good friend, Carrie’s, birthday!

10. Making Easter eggs to hand out to the homeless downtown. Have I told you lately I just love my church?
Some bonus smiles…

11. Spending lots of time with our friends since they were on Spring Break!

12. This picture. Just because I real smile in a picture is rare these days.
13. Decorating eggs the day after Easter just because we ran out of time and she really wanted to do it herself! Sorry, it’s sideways, I’m too lazy to change it. πŸ™‚

14. Starting a new class to become a nouthetic counselor. I haven’t done anything adult related, like taking an actual class, in so long, I forgot what it was like. This class became available through our church though so we thought, why not? I’m excited to see where it takes me!

15. And this picture. Just because I love this moment. πŸ™‚

What are you smiling about this week?

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5 thoughts on “10 Smile Tuesday

  1. Looks like your Holy week was Heavenly. I think that's wonderful that you celebrated a Seder. THe girls look gorgeous in their Easter dresses.:-)Traci

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