For Thanksgiving every year I like to write out some things that I am thankful for. I try to do 365, but I am sick right now with a spinning head so I’ll so 100 for now!

1. Salvation

2. The cross

3. Jesus

4. My husband

5. Lilla

6. Anna

7. My sister, Erika

8. My sister, Melanie

9. My brother, David

10. My brother, Chris

11. My brother-in-law, Russ

12. My sister in law, Jody

13. My niece, Madison

14. My niece, Sydney

15. My mom

16. My dad

17. My stepdad, Richard

18. My former stepmom, Sandy. Although she is no longer married to my dad, she still has a place in our hearts!

19. My new stepmom, Nel.

20. My bestie, Carrie

21. Her children, Jenna

22. Buddy

23. My other bestie, Shelley

24. Her hubbie, Tom

25. Her children, Taylor

26. Makie

27. Gracie

28. My dog, Ellie

29. My mother in law, Mary Lynn

30. My father in law, Norbert

31. My BIL, Alan

32. His Wife, Steph

33. Their children, Justin

34. Sean

35. Olivia

36. Emily

37. My BIL, Mark

38. His wife, Melissa

39. Their daughter, Tiffany

40. My SIL, Terri

41. Her husband, Brent

42. Nephew, Alex

43. BIL, Dan

44. His wife, Amy

45. Children, Danny

46. Jeff

47. Matthew

48. Amanda

49. Jackie

50. Billy

51. My BIL, Jim

52. SIL, Tammy

53. Nephew, Grayson

54. Niece, Jasmine

55. My house

56. My car

57. My bed, which I’m laying in now since I’m sick

58. My husband’s job

59. Being able to stay home with the girls

60. The library

61. Wal-Mart, the evil empire, but when you live here, it’s all you got!

62. MOPS

63. MOPS Steering Team

64. My fridge is full of food

65. Our family has clothes

66. We are able to pay our bills

67. My church

68. Worship Music

69. Clean, hot running water

70. Hope

71. Peace

72. Joy

73. Faith

74. My Bible

75. Living in the USA

76. My camera, I’m such a photo taker!

77. Photoshop, it’s amazing what that thing does for pictures!

78. My laptop, all my friends live inside it. J

79. Facebook for all that it’s connected me with this last year.

80. Prayer

81. Real, honest to goodness love

82. Pizza, my very favorite food

83. The special family who helped us financially this last year. Just incredible!

84. God blessing us financially when we really needed it

85. Lilla accepting Christ this year

86. Lilla choosing to be baptized when we never even talked to her about it.

87. Awana

88. Kid’s church

89. My pastor

90. My pastor’s wife

91. Heat, I don’t respond well to cold

92. The Children’s Museum

93. The Zoo

94. The trail near our house

95. The park

96. The change of season, so I can appreciate what I have!

97. Anna becoming well after a very rough start in life last Christmas

98. So many meals and prayers provided to us last year after Anna was born

99. Sleep

100. Life

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?