10 Smile Tuesday

This past week has been a busy, tiring, quick, fun, sleepy…just a mix of all you can think of kind of week. I don’t have many pictures as most has been covered in sickies and jammies, so you will have to use your imagination to get that Kodak feel.

Wednesday, Michael was off work so we threw the kids in the car and went to the zoo to see the new baby giraffe. (Smile #1) Lilla got to feed the giraffes, which she absolutely loves about our zoo so that was a lot of fun.Thursday I was preparing for the garage sale all day. Going, going, going. A friend invited us to dinner (#2 smile), and then while I was trying to get Lilla to just take 3 small bites, she threw it up up in my hands. Mmmmm, yummy.

I then came home to finish preparing for the garage sale and make sure all was ready for our first MOPS meeting of the year Friday morning. (Smile #3)

Friday morning I was rushing around, making a sausage egg casserole for MOPS (Smile #4, soooo good!), putting everything out for the garage sale and rushing to help out any way I could with setting up for the MOPS meeting.

I got the kids in the car, went to MOPS and we had a really good first meeting. We had a fun little skit, welcomed in the seasoned and new moms and had a sweet nametag and binder craft for the moms.

We then came home to help with the garage sale. My friend and her mom had been holding down the fort and we’d already sold a couple of large items so that was a big smile to hear that I was on my way to my goal. Which, by the way, was to pay for the convention I’m going to in Nashville this next weekend for MOPS. My friend has a daughter, the same age as Lilla and a son the same age as Anna so they all had fun causing a ruckus, poor Lemonade all over and getting into the garage sale items. (Smile #5)

For the past year my husband has been trying to get on a more regular shift (he works 10 hour days 4 days a week, and has had that schedule for 2 1/2 years now) to no avail. Well on Friday he called to tell me it was finally happening and our life is going back to normal! Let me just tell you how that was certainly the biggest smile of the week!! (Smile #6)

On Saturday we spent the day finishing out the garage sale and made just enough to pay the convention fees. God is so good! (Smile #7)
Saturday evening Lilla started feeling sick so when her temp spiked we decided I needed to stay home with her from church Sunday. We were having a prayer walk of our whole town on Sunday though so I did get to do that. How awesome to get assigned a street I know no one on and just pray for every person in every house there. Pretty cool! (Smile #8)

So these past couple of days Lilla has been pretty sick so we’ve just kind of hung out at home. However, I still do have the smiles of…

A still producing garden. Not much left, but I have lots of red peppers to freeze, a couple of zucchini, some tomatoes and green beans. (Smile #9) Who doesn’t love fresh?

Watching Anna pull up on everything and anything. She’s a fast crawler now and she is taking steps forward when she pulls up on things. I’m amazed daily at how fast she’s growing and becoming our little climber! (Smile #10)What are you smiling about today?

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3 thoughts on “10 Smile Tuesday

  1. what a great week…well, except for the sickies striking your household! i am amazed at how big anna is getting…oh my, they grow too, too fast. have a blast at convention!

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