10 Smile Tuesday

Hey there, after a bit of a break, not for a particular reason but just because life happens, I’m back with some more smiles to share! I just love looking back at the week and thinking about ways that God has blessed us in the past week, both big and small. I love having my faith built as I see how God provides for us in life. Don’t you?

So, now, on with the smiles:

1. Anna has started rolling over…ALL. THE. TIME!! She goes from back to front, and boy does she get frustrated there, but it is so cute to see her trying to get her little paws on things. Man, is she a curious little one. So different than a content Lilla at this age who took forever to roll over!

2. Dimple butt. Anna is such a chunk. I’m so not kidding. I call her my Michelan baby. It’s so stinking cute I love to just not put a diaper on her. Oh, I just want to eat her up, that chunk is adorable!

3. Forgiveness. I am always so amazed to see the perfect innocence of a child. Lilla recently told me she wasn’t going to be friends with someone anymore because they hurt another friend of hers. When I explained to her how we need to treat others the way that we wanted to be treated, she just replied, “OK.” And ever since then she keeps telling me she is friends with the other little girl. She’ll say, “We need to be kind and loving and nice to other people.” Love it!

4. Better eating. It has taken 3 years for Lilla to want to put anything in her mouth, but suddenly she is eating things that are good for her. In fact, she asked me to make meatloaf yesterday! Given, she calls it Cheeseburger in Paradise, but who cares, if she likes it and will eat it, she can call it whatever she wants!!

5. Life lessons. Yesterday I got frustated with Lilla and said something I just shouldn’t have. She replied, “We don’t watch Spongebob because he says naughty things like that.” Yep, she had my number alright! I am so thankful to God though as he humbles me every day and continually shows me how much I need Him. Even through the eyes of a child!

6. Girl time! Since I had Anna I have just not been able to have any alone time, much less time with any girlfriends. Saturday morning though, Michael watched the girls while my friend, Shelley and I just drove around to yard sales in the community. Not a huge thing, but so appreciated for at least a few hours of just being able to be Amy and not Mommy was nice!

7. Yard sales. Speaking of the yard sale, we found some sweet deals on kids clothes, an exhaustive concordance for $1, some homeschooling supplies and random other things. I haven’t done that in forever so it was much fun!

8. Monitor. We found a wide, flat screen monitor on like 60% off clearance the other day at Wal-Mart so I got it for Michael for Father’s Day. Of course he couldn’t wait to put it up so I’m typing on it now and holy cow, what a difference! Not only for space on the desk, but you can see EVERYTHING so clearly, nice!!

9. Gardening. The last few weeks we have been planting, weeding, digging, hoeing and watering, and we are finally seeing things coming up and seriously growing now! We’ve got green and red peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, green beans out the wazoo, artichokes, honeydew, watermelon, cucumber, herbs, sunflowers…lots of stuff that I can’t wait to harvest and share with others! It’s been especially fun when Lilla and I go out together and work it like that. Just fun!

10. Steering. On Sunday night all the steering team members for MOPS came to my house and we had such a nice time looking forward to next fall and the planning for it all. I’m excited about what will be!

What are you smiling about today?

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4 thoughts on “10 Smile Tuesday

  1. love reading all your smiles and hearing what you are up to! and, oh my, amy, i am with you…the things our children teach/remind us of…ugh! and oh how i love hearing about chunky miss anna…can’t believe we will have another little one so soon…oh my!

  2. Here are a few of my smiles:1. Today is my anniversary. 9 years!2. My son ate almost a whole can of green beans yesterday. I have never been able to get him to eat them, but I fixed french cut this time and he ate a ton!3. An overnight visit from an out-of-town friend.4. Your sweet list!Oh, and I read an article someplace that said if youhave extra veggies from your garden you could donate them to the local food bank. Just thought I would pass along the info!Have a great week with even more smiles!

  3. enjoyed your smiles. love love love yard sales! your garden sounds fabulous! yep…i am from michigan and we did just move back. i love the midwest!

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