Ten Smile Wednesday

Well, it’s 5 am here and I can’t sleep. Both girls have been up coughing so now I’m paranoid so I have to sit here listening for them. Ugh. I do believe there is a good chance for a doctor’s office visit in our very near future.

So, I am a day late on my 10 smiles, but I figure as long as I’m up, I mine as well use the time to record some things before the time passes, and I forget the beauty of the moment and all my smiles to go along with it.

1. Potty trained at last! I keep forgetting to share this and holy cow, this is huge! A little over a month ago some of Lilla’s friends were over to play and I had just decided that day we weren’t doing the pull up thing anymore. She was playing and oops, pee pee ran down her leg. Oh, she was so embarrassed, but, guess what? No more diapers since! She’s had two days of accidents in the last 5 weeks! Is that crazy?!?! Totally a smile worth sharing!
2. Summit. This past weekend our MOPS group hosted a leadership summit for our area. It was neat to meet other MOPS leaders and form some new friendships. Also, looking ahead to the new year in MOPS is always fun! Here is me wearing Ms. Anna at the summit!3. Sandbox. Last week it was finally time to fill the sandbox again! Lilla has been so happy about that sandbox you’d think she struck gold! Every day she practically begs me to go out there and play in it some more. Definitely a highlight for her!4. The weather. Oh my, the weather has been so nice here lately. Yesterday it did drop down again and rain, but hey, it’s spring. And it was such a lovely weekend. We spent a bunch of time outside and I’ve been on a picture taking rampage now that I have natural light again, good stuff!
5. Popsicles. Along with the weather comes another of Lilla’s very favorite things…popsicles. She would make a meal of those things if I would let her. Oh, she’s been so happy that they have made an appearance again!
6. Daddy time. While Anna and I were at the conference all day Saturday, Michael and Lilla spent the day together. It was so sweet to hear how they got their haircut together (completely Michael’s idea, I was impressed!), played the match game, colored and just spent time together. Nothing like a little daddy time!

7. My garden…at last! This is a week belated, but still so happy it makes me smile! My parents came last weekend to help Michael build a raised garden for me! Yeah! We actually have a HUGE garden area already but it sits on the bottom of a hill and tends to flood so I wanted something closer to the house and on top of the hill. I can’t wait to start a planting!
8. Friends. Lilla just loves her good friend, Gracie. So when her mommy needed a little time last week and asked if she could come over, we were more than happy to oblige! The girls had so much fun playing in the sand, in the little house, on the trampoline, in the car, eating at McDonald’s. Oh, so much fun to be had, so little time!
9. Flowers. God bless the woman who used to live in my house. She planted all these gorgeous perennials that make spring time so much fun! My crapapple, apple and cherry blossom trees have brought a beautiful fragrance to my yard that can only signal new life and sweetness. The bleeding hearts are beautiful, the hastas are huge and the irises are coming forth! Oh, and the creepers…beautiful!
10. Roll over. Monday night after bath, I put Anna on her belly to give her some tummy time when I noticed her leaning to her side. Suddenly she just rolled over! So fun to see yet another milestone with my little one!
11. Photoshoot. I love taking pictures of my girls. Here are some more I captured the other day when I took them outside for a spring “photoshoot”!

What are you smiling about today?

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One thought on “Ten Smile Wednesday

  1. This post shows me I REALLY need a better camera. Those were some great shots. It doesn’t hurt that you have such cute girls to take photos of!You had some great things to smile about this week!

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