10 Smile Tuesday

So here we are again at another Tuesday and more smiles to share. I hope that you have had many smiles this past week too! For some reason I haven’t taken many pictures in the past week so you’ll have to envision the smiles with me. Your imaginations will probably be even more colorful than a picture could capture anyway! 🙂

1. Spring. Oh, the absolute joys of the signs of spring these days. I see leaves starting to sprout from my trees, lush green grass everywhere, daffodils poking their beautiful yellow heads out, the green stalks symbolizing the coming of my lillies and the magnolias finally blossoming. Yeah for spring!!

2. Warmth. Speaking about joy, the warmth that spring is beginning to bring makes me giddy! I am not a fan of cold, at all. My asthma is not a fan either, so to feel warmer temperatures means no pain in my chest, no more heavy and binding coats and flip flops to (NOT) cover my feet! Then of course, Lilla says, “You can’t wear sandals, we’re not at the beach!” Funny!

3. Baking cookies. Lilla and I made cookies yesterday and it was such fun. She had a blast with the coloring of eggs and bunnies and crosses. I had no idea you could buy sheets of sugar cookies dough to cut out without rolling. That is brilliant! We had such frosting colored fun, I could hardly get her out the door for gymnastics!

4. Speaking of gymnastics, I can hardly believe how much the peanut loves gymnastics. And yesterday was her favorite day yet. Up to now she’s been in a class all by herself, but yesterday she joined 3 other little girls and boy did she have a good time! The rest of the night all she could say is, “I go back to gymnastics with my friends now!” Too cute!

5. Sibling love. Lilla really does try to take care of Anna, when she cries she tries to calm her down by saying, “It’s ok Anna.” Anna is giving her the biggest smiles these days. Lilla will bring her toys to her, and sometimes take toys away, but it’s all a part of being a sister. It just makes me happy to see!

6. The Zoo. Yesterday we went to the zoo for the first time this year and Anna’s first visit. I actually had my camera but didn’t take but 2 pictures and it didn’t even have anyone but Anna and then one of her cousin in it. Just a slow week for pictures I suppose!

7. Jenna. Lilla has a friend named Jenna, they’ve been friends almost since we moved here a year ago, and they are finally both getting to a place of playing well with other kids. So fun to see them interacting and having fun in the car, on the playset and doing bubbles the other day together!

8. Smiles. Anna is just full of smiles and belly laughs these days. It cracks me up and makes Lilla say, “She likes me! She’s laughing at me!” It’s really sweet and fun to see her personality coming to life!

9. Rest. This Saturday, besides cleaning the house, we did nothing. I mean really nothing. We did not leave the house and it was so nice. Saturdays are usually just crazy around here so for us to just take a Saturday and do nothing…ah, so luxurious!

10. Fresh eggs. Our chickens are again producing like crazy. We get at least two a day so we are able to give some away to family and then just enjoy the others. So yummy!

And one more for good measure…my friends! I have two close friends, Carrie and Shelley whom I just adore. They are just the kind of people that everybody wishes they had as friends. They are kind, thoughtful, good listeners, giving and fun. I’m so fortunate to have them as my friends!

What are you smiling about today?

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7 thoughts on “10 Smile Tuesday

  1. We had a lazy Saturday too. The kid stayed in pjs all day! The sibling love sounds so precious. It sounds like Lilla is a great big sister. I did a 10 Smile Tuesday today as well (with a shoutout to you!).mckinneytwins@blogspot.com

  2. love the smiles. and the pictures. such adorable girls you have. gotta’ love that sisterly love and connection, don’t you? i adore it!i’ve not been able to quite get the hang of the ring sling either, which is why i am loving the mei tai. 🙂

  3. Anna is getting so big! She is just too adorable, Amy! I bet Lilla is such a sweet big sis, always taking care of her. I can’t wait for our first visit to the zoo this year, I’m really looking forward to that!lovely smiles

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