10 Smile Tuesday

I have not done 10 smiles in forever, so I wanted to quickly do them before bed. So, here you go…

1. 71 degrees…It was 71 degrees and sunny today. Crazy for March in the heartland, but oh, how I loved it! Perfect day for a skirt, short sleeves and sandals. (Which by the way, Lilla says I should not be wearing as I am not at a beach. Where does she get these things?!?!)

2. Parade…Everyone loves a parade, right? Well, I do. Such fun to watch all the interesting people, floats, bands…ect. There was a big one downtown today for St. Patty’s day so the girls and I met up with an old friend and her son to watch. Lots of fun!
3. This dress. Anna got dedicated this weekend and since she couldn’t fit into the dress that my mom wore, I wore, Lilla wore (I told you, she’s huge!) I bought her a special dress a couple of weeks ago. I’m now in love with it, and oh, how pretty she looked in it!
4. These shoes. Same time we bought the dress, Lilla also got some new shoes. Are these not the cutest crocs EVER?!?! They just make me smile. We also got Michael a pair of crocs on sale for $2.99…isn’t that crazy? They are orange, so I guess that’s why. I love them because they are orange though, totally make me laugh when I see them. Love it!
5. These jars. I know it seems silly but I’ve wanted these big glass jars for flour and sugar for forever but I’m way too cheap to just buy them. Well, I found them at Wal-Mart this week for 8 bucks each and with some birthday money I’d already been given (my birthday is March 19th), I went ahead and got them. They make me happy! 🙂
6. Friends. You know, everyone needs one. Lilla finds them everywhere. Today is was with my friend, Claudia’s son, Jonathan. They sat and played together, laughed and hugged at the parade and festival. Just sweet to watch.
7. Jesus wants me for a sunbeam. Tonight in the bathtub Lilla just busted out in this song. I was on the phone at the time and I just had to hang up so I could soak in the moment.

8. Leotard. My friend gave Lilla this leotard and it just makes me smile. Seriously, Lilla looks so cute in her leotard it just kills me! Watching her do gymnastics is cute enough but that’s just cute overload!

9. Dedication and party. As I previously said, we had Anna dedicated this past weekend and that was really wonderful. As many of you also believe, children are a gift from the Lord and it is part of the Christian walk to dedicate their lives back to Jesus. They are His anyway, right? We had such a lovely service and then everyone came back to our house to enjoy some time together. Perfect weather and perfect company! 10. Grilling. It’s finally been warm enough that we’ve dusted off the old grill and gone to town. Oh, how happy am I? What does not taste good with that flamed taste? Yummo!
A couple more for the road…the little high pitched noises Anna makes when she’s “talking” to you…Lilla finally got what an A is, we’re on our way!!…potty training in gear, 7 hours and a nap today without peeing in her pants, woo hoo!!…an impending trip to San Francisco on Thursday just for fun…lots of jumping, chasing and laughing with our new trampoline, great times!!

What are you smiling about today?

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6 thoughts on “10 Smile Tuesday

  1. LOVE the smiles! anna’s dress is beautiful..and i love that you found michael orange crocs…my mike has orange crocs (and libs insists that orange is his FAVORITE color)…LOVE the good news in potty training world…and high pitched anna sounds…and grilling…and warmth…and so much more! here’s to more lovely days and weeks ahead!

  2. such great smiles. your girls are little beauties. i love anna’s dress…so pretty! and yea for potty training! i still haven’t gotten liberty to potty train..she knows what to do but is not interested in actually doing it. ugh!

  3. Visiting from UBP-nice to meet you.Your girls are adorable! My 5 yr old has those purple crocs too and she wears them all the time! They are adorable! Have a great week!

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