Ten Smile Tuesday

I haven’t done a ten smile in a while, so I wanted to jump on it while I had the chance. Things are going really well here. We are enjoying being a family of four. Hitting some bumps along the way trying to find the right balance, but overall, it has gone suprisingly well and has been a lot smoother of a transistion than I would have anticipated. So, here are some smiles that go along with that transistion:

1. Last night Anna slept through the whole night! Up until now she has been waking at 4 for some refreshments :), but last night was until nearly 7, when Michael moved her and it woke her up. Holy cow, I won’t hold my breath but I hope it continues!!
2. Bath time. Three years later, Lilla is still a water bug. As a matter of fact, she’s in my shower right now, just playing away. The child loves the water and it is good times for her!3. Saturday night. We rarely have people come over but Saturday night friends/family just kept calling to say they were coming over unexpectedly. So much fun and we loved having our house full of people we love!

4. Lilla’s friend, Jenna, was one of the friends over and they had such fun being chased around by Michael and sliding down his leg, it was adorable to see all the giggles and screams of these two precious girls with my husband.5. Jenna has a brother that is 7 weeks older than Anna so we had to get this shot of the future Mr. and Mrs.!
6. Bowling. Some friends invited us to go bowling with their kids on Saturday and since Lilla had never been, of course we had to go. Oh, what fun we had! Definitely there will be a repeat performance very soon!7. Cookies. Yesterday Lilla and I decided to make some nut cookies that I would say, were probably the best cookies I’ve ever made. So buttery and yummy…mmm, mmm!
8. My friend, Angela, who I’ve not seen in over a year stopped by to bring us a meal and say hi the other day and we had such a nice time! Ours daughters are the same age and played so well together, and, enjoyed these yummo cupcakes she brought too!9. Storytime. Lilla has been loving to read more and more lately. The other day when Daddy was home it was so sweet to see them curled up on the couch reading together. Ah, the simple joys of childhood!
10. This dress. I had drolled over it at Cracker Barrel for so long, so when it finally went on clearance I was so glad I was there and snapped it right up. Too cute!
What are you smiling about today?

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8 thoughts on “Ten Smile Tuesday

  1. such delightful smiles. makes me want to go bowling 🙂 and oh how sweet the picture is of sleeping anna. amy, i am so happy to hear that the transition to two has been fairly smooth for you!

  2. That sweet doll baby is growing so fast! I’m so glad everything is going well! It does get easier! I promise!……and I’m not that far ahead of you so it won’t take long to get into that groove!

  3. That is a wonderful list! I love the pic of Anna with her little bottom up. I just love that about babies. And you should post the recipe for those cookies. They sound good. Oh, and I love the picture of youwith the baby at the bowling alley. She is looking up at you so lovingly.

  4. so glad the transition to two kids has gone well for you. enjoyed your smiles and pictures. i love in the pic of you and anna bowling that she is staring up at you so sweetly. precious!

  5. Sleeping through the nights… watch out when you starta dding foods!So many smiles! I especially love the pic of Lilla with Daddy… so adorable.Hang in there with all of the weather… the flowers will come back, but we’ll be needing the snow-water then! More snow on the way, I hear!Tammy :):):)

  6. I’ve taken a bit of a blogging break and today is my first day back to checking up on my blogging buddies. I so happy when I saw pictures of precious Anna! I remember months ago voting for that name. Congratulations!

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