That about says it all…

Lilla with her very serious face telling the business!

So Lilla and I are sitting on my bed watching the snow fall and I’m explaining to her about seasons. I’m telling her in the winter it’s very cold and snowy so we don’t really go outside a lot. (Particularly in a year with a new baby!) Then I’m telling her about spring and how the grass turns green, the snow melts and flowers bloom. I go on to tell her about the joys of summer and how we swim and the fall with it’s pumpkins and apples as well.

Suddenly she looks out the window, starts pointing at the snow and sternly says, “You need to stop snowing now snow. We need springtime. We go outside. You need to melt so our grass is green!”

Too true, too true! I could not have said it any better myself Lilla!

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Follower of Jesus Christ. Wife for Life. Mom to 2 girls. Homeschooler. Missions Minded. Book reader. Traveller. Mountain Loving. Tea drinker.

5 thoughts on “That about says it all…

  1. snow, real snow! I am so jealous, we just get the powedery stuff that blows away when the wind picks up. it’s like the curly/straight hair thing. you want what the other one has 🙂 cute share, thank you.

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