10 Smile Tuesday

Let me just start off by saying what a hard time I’ve been having lately. The peanut is just really testing me to see how far she can get and their have been many late nights lifting my hands to God asking for strength and wisdom. I’ve been reading Sheperding a Child’s Heart again, trying to glean everything I can from the experience of other’s who have gone before.

So, I thought I might have a hard time coming up with all the smiles, but then, yesterday happened and I think I might have one or two from that…

1. A surprise! So yesterday morning, 9am to be exact, my doorbell is ringing. I’m in a little nightgown, big belly, no bra…not pretty…so I throw some clothes on and go to the insistent door ringer. There at my door is my MOPS steering team, with a video camera, tiara and a bunch of smiles to sweep me away for a day of pampering and a makeover. They had my husband and my close friend, Carrie, in on it too. Carrie took the peanut for the day so I would just be able to relax and enjoy.

2. Just as an added laugh, you all know the peanut is potty training so she has been running the house diaperless lately, let me tell you how I told her not to come to the door with me but her pitter patter of little feet followed me and that little stinker is all over those pictures white butt and all. Cracks me up!

3. The first stop on the tour? This adorable salon here in town, to get highlights and lowlights and a cut. Oh, so cute, and so needed. My hair has been looking straggly for so long and this is just what I needed for a pick me up!

4. Next stop? Lunch at O’Charley’s with the girls. So nice to hang out and chat about “stuff” without having to chase the peanut throughout the restaraunt. I just got to enjoy my yummy yeast rolls and potato cheese soup in peace, so great!

5. Then? Off to shopping where we picked out some new bras, two outfits and a pair of jeans. Holy cow, that was so great. And the best part was getting something I normally wouldn’t because the girls were there to encourage. They are great outfits for church which is so nice since everything I own seems to be perfect for the park at this point!

6. More to come. So, we ran out of time yesterday so I get to look forward on Thursday to makeup, jewlerly and new shoes. Is this totally crazy? If you are wondering why, our speaker this week is going to be talking about beauty and taking care of yourself and so they wanted to do a makeover on someone. Apparently I needed one bad, so, ladies, if you want one too, just look like me! LOL

7. Last days of summer. Sunday was still warm enough out that the peanut and I got to spend some time outside just enjoying the warmth, and, a sundress!

8. Less than 13 weeks left!! Man, time does fly!

9. A box. It’s amazing how much fun one little box can make…seriously…it has been entertainment for the last week now. Crazy! We bought a glider for when the baby comes (found a super good deal at Babies R’ Us this week!) and that box has been in the living room just creating laughs and giggles all week. Sadly, it is a big box so it has to go this week. 😦

10. Decorating. So I am finally getting around to doing the nursery. We had had a pretty cheap crib for the peanut and we just didn’t feel so great about using it again, so we’ve been lookin for a deal on a nice, sturdy, convertible crib we knew we would keep for years to come. We actually found one at a second hand kids store in town on Saturday, only it wasn’t second hand, it was brand new! But definitely over $100 savings then if we’d bought it in store. Good stuff! We also bought a pink and green bedding set that is too cute and girly for the nursery. Used, but you’d never guess. $50 for a blanket, 2 sheets, comfortor, lamp, diaper stacker, bookends, mobile, wall hangings and a bumper (which I won’t use). Isn’t that crazy? So now we just need the dresser and we are set!

11. And one for good measure! On Friday at the MOPS steering committee meeting I must not have been looking so good because I walked in, the coordinator looked at me and said, “Go home, I’ll take Lilla for the day…get some sleep!” And she did!! I had an entire day to just sleep and it was fantastic!! What a special and much needed blessing. I am so really appreciative for that!

12. Okay, one more. Friday night I drove out to my sister’s for a girl’s night in with her MOPS group where we all made bracelets. Mine is brown and gold and seriously pretty. I’m loving it!

What are you smiling about today?