Ten (+3) Smile Tuesday

We have been having some good, and busy days lately. Lots to smile about so here we go….

1. The peanut has been walking around the house bursting out into this song lately so you know I had to capture it on camera for you…adorable!

2. Another trip to the zoo. Yep, this is what happens when you have an annual pass and your child loves the place. We definitely got our money’s worth of the zoopass!

3. The peanut’s haircut. Not a tear was shed, only giggling was heard by all in the store. It probably didn’t hurt that she got to see in her choice, Lightning McQueen and that Spongebob was on the tv, but she did great. And, came out looking pretty cute to boot!

4. Happy birthday to you. Sunday was a birthday party for the peanut’s cousin and our goddaughter, Happy Birthday Jasmine, and all day long the peanut just kept singing, “Happy Birthday to yooooouu!!” So cute!

5. Pony rides. Jasmine’s birthday party had a real pony at it, no joke! So, the peanut got to ride on a pony, she could not wait and loved it! She couldn’t wait to do it again!

6. Bunnies. There was also a petting zoo which contained a real bunny, which the peanut absolutely loved! Such fun to see her cuddle and love him like she was his own!

7. Friday night and friend and her daughter came over for some fun playtime for the girl’s. They got in the peanut’s “ride” and drove all over the field next to our house. I didn’t have my camera but it was so cute to watch them drive around in the peanut’s Gator with such joy and amusement!

8. I bought this little cart full of peek a blocks at a garage sale for the new baby but the peanut loves it so much I just let her pull it around the yard and build “towers” with it. Such fun!

9. On Saturday we drove an hour and a half to the nearest IKEA store and got some great stuff for the kids. It took us four hours to get through that store but boy do I love it there!!

10. We also made a trip while we were in the city to this huge Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy store and got some serious deals. For instance, their Gap Maternity pants were $4.99!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Totally worth the drive if you like those brands, which I personally do. I am a Gap girl so it made me happy!

11. While we were at the Gap store I had to go to the bathroom (I mean a pregnant girl has to pee!!) so I took the peanut in with me. She insisted on holding the toilet paper so I asked her what she needed it for, she looked at me and serious as a snake said, “I wip-a your butt.” I almost fell over laughing so hard. She is too funny!

12. MOPS. Friday we had our second MOPS group and it is just going so well. We have really tried a different format this year and it seems to be working out so well. I am enjoying getting to know the new moms and being part of such a great team!

13. Apples. We went to the Apple Orchard on Sunday and got some yummy frozen cider shakes, elephant ears and, of course, apples. We didn’t pick any since there were so many people there, but we are going back today to actually let the peanut have the experience. I’ve been making some yummy recipes with them including apple pie and pork and apple skillet. Yummy!

What are you smiling about today?