Wordless Wednesday – Cousins

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Oops…10 Smile Tuesday a day late

Ah, a day late and a dollar short, as my grandpa used to say! 🙂 We were super busy yesterday from start to finish though so I thought I might get a little sleep before posting. I’m looking forward to stopping by your blogs and seeing what’s going on in your lives lately too!

Here has been what’s keeping me on my toes…

1. Making the yummiest chicken pot pies. Ah, I love fall, it makes me want to cook! So, I’ve made two chicken pot pies in the last week, one for my family and one for another. Yummo! So, so good!

2. Overalls. We have lots of overalls for the peanut for this season and boy does she look way too cute in them. Here are a few of my favorites…

3. Cousins. The peanut has gotten to spend quite a bit of time with her cousins lately and she has been having one good time!

4. Zoo. My sister called me Monday morning for an impromptu trip to the zoo. Of course we said yes as the peanut has a love for animals and for family. It was a perfect fall day and there was basically no one there as it looked like rain all day. Good times!!

5. Daddy knows best. On Sunday I was visiting a friend at the hospital, waiting in the waiting room and trying to keep the peanut busy by playing with her when I suddenly heard a pop in her arm. She kept complaining of wrist pain so I started the check in process at the ER when my husband joined me. He kept saying he thought her elbow had popped out of the socket, as it had twice before. I finally caved and let him try to pop it back in. Sure enough, that’s exactly what it was and, after two hours of unnecessary pain, her arm was back to normal in a flash and we saved $50. Yep, he can be right sometimes too! 🙂

6. Arky, Arky. We had such a busy day on Saturday that Sunday I just got lazy and didn’t go to church. I decided to do a Sunday school lesson with the peanut at home though about Noah. We talked all about the ark, the flood and the rainbow. We then sang some songs and colored some pictures of Noah. Two days later I was telling a friend about it and started asking the peanut questions to see if she remembered any of the story. Here is how our conversation went…
Me: Lilla, what did Noah do?
Lilla: Built an ark
Me: Who was on the ark?
Lilla: The animals
Me: What happened after the animals got on board?
Lilla: It rained.
Me: What happened after it rained?
Lilla: A rainbow!!
Who says you can’t teach a two year old? Amazing!!

7. Baby bump. I am now at 25 weeks along and my belly is starting to really show that baby underneath it all. It’s just so precious to watch it grow and dream about the day she will be in my arms!
8. Getting out. So my husband, who is a stockbroker, was able to make a couple of really good moves in the last week due to the unstableness of the market and we were able to reduce our debt by 40% in one week!! OK, that doesn’t include student loans and mortgage, but I am thankful to God to see this huge chunk of weight just gone!!

9. Seasons change. I have so enjoyed the change of weather in the last few days. It’s been cooling down and since my favorite thing to wear is a comfortable pair of jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt, I am in heaven right now. Good stuff!

10. Friends. This past week has brought about a lot of opportunities to spend time with friends who have kids the same age as the peanut. What fun it has been for both her and I to have girl time. What’s not to love?

What are you smiling about today?