Child of Mine

Have you ever heard this song, Child of Mine, by Carole King? It’s just a lovely interpretation of a mother’s love for her child. MY love for MY child. I’m just so glad Lilla is a child of mine! Here are the lyrics.

Although you see the world
Different than me
Sometimes I can touch upon
The wonders that you see
And all the new colours
And pictures you’ve designed
Oh yes sweet darlin’
So glad you are a chi-ild of mine

Child of mine, chi-ild of mine
Oh yes sweet darlin’
So glad you are a chi-ild o-of mine

You don’t need directions
You know which way to go
And I don’t wanna hold you back
I just wanna watch you grow
You’re the one who taught me
You don’t have to look behind
Oh yes sweet darlin’
So glad you are a child of mine

Child of mine, child of mine
Oh yes sweet darlin’
So glad you are a child of mine

Nobody’s gonna kill your dreams
Or tell you how to live your life
There’ll always be people
To make it hard for a while
But you’ll change their head
When they see you smile

The times you were born in
May not have been the best
But you can make the times to come
Better than the rest
I know you will be honest
If you can’t a-always be kind
Oh yes sweet darlin’
So glad you are a child of mine

Child of mine, chi-ild of mine
Oh yes sweet darlin’
So glad you are a child of mine


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carrie
    Aug 01, 2008 @ 22:51:00

    Sweet post! And cuuuuuuute pic!


  2. Rebecca
    Aug 01, 2008 @ 23:17:00

    beautiful song!


  3. amy
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 00:40:00

    love the lyrics


  4. tami and todd
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 09:36:00

    That’s precious! I forgot to say on your last post… I just LOVE your daughters little dance!! So cute 🙂


  5. Carole
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 22:38:00

    Amy,That is one of my favorite songs and I haven’t thought about it in ages. Such a sweet picture of Lilla…and wonderful words for a special girl.~Carole


  6. Adventures In Babywearing
    Aug 04, 2008 @ 19:55:00

    I love Carole King! And Lilla is just a doll!Steph


  7. StrawberryGirl
    Aug 06, 2008 @ 04:03:00

    Hi. I’m just an occasional reader who happened upon your blog quite accidentally several months ago and am so happy I did so. 🙂 I had never heard this song before, so I went to iTunes, found it, and really liked it. Thanks for sharing.Because I often think as I read that you and I have many similarities to our personalities, I wanted to share 2 random things with you that I thought you might love. (The first one is REALLY random. The second is actually why I started typing.)1. I love the song “Thankful” off of Josh Groban’s Christmas album. It’s so peaceful. I thought you might like it, too, if you haven’t heard it before. I just found it a couple of weeks ago and have been listening to it a lot, even though it’s August. :)2. Have you heard the song that Christy Nockels of Watermark wrote for her little girl, Ellianna? It’s off of the “A Grateful People” album; it’s the last song on there, and she shared that Ellianna wanted Christy to write a song for her since Christy had written one for her son, Noah, on an earlier album. I always love Christy, but she outdid herself on this song. I have NEVER heard a song that so perfectly captures what I feel for my daughter. I am pasting the words below. I hope you love it. :-)Baby woman, tiny in stature nowBut your heart is a treasureLittle princess come follow behind me nowI am reaching for you(chorus)Elliana, God has answered my prayersElliana, God will conquer my fearsTo mother a daughter, to look you in the eyeTo know that I had everything, to walk with you in lifeTo give you to Jesus that He would impartThe wisdom that I’m longing for to mother your heartElliana, God has answered my prayersThere will be others to lead and to guide you girlBut only one you’ll call Mother, the honor is all mineTo show you what a woman’s likeI’m so glad you’re mine(chorus)Tenderness of God is twirling aroundIn our living room tonightLighten up your daddy’s eyesAnd know that he just wants to freeze you in time


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