Every breath that I take, every moment I’m awake

Friday night Michael and I decided to head out on Saturday morning and go garage saleing. We have never been in the years we’ve been married so we thought, heck, let’s go for the hunt. So, that night we set the alarm for 7 the next morning and crashed out. Michael slept in the loft as we have my sister’s dog and 3 dogs and 2 adults in one queen sized bed does not a happy couple make!

Anyway, the next morning I was awoke by a song we’ve song in church many times, and I love. The name is Lord have your way in me, just a simple, but beautiful chorus. In case you are not familiar with it, it goes:

This is my desire, to Honor You
Lord with all my heart I worship You
All I have within me I give You praise
All that I adore is in You
Lord I give You my heart, I give You my soul
I live for You alone
Every breath that I take, Every moment I’m awake
Lord have Your way in me
I lay there flat on my face (I sleep on my stomach) just prone before God, and there was worship. I was overwhelmed at the love I have for a God that has been so good to me throughout my life, and yet who I’ve failed miserably so many times. This song could have been my heart’s song at that moment.
This season of my life has been very hard, yet full of joy. I’m so thankful to be having another child, but these last six weeks have just been a constant struggle to just make it through the day. Unfortunately, I have not been leaning on God to get me through, just on my own strength. I have made excuses not to read my Bible as I’ve just been soooooo tired, and sooooo sick, I just wanted to veg out. I’ve also skipped church (which I just never do) several times saying I just didn’t want to move. What ridiculous and sad excuses as I have dove back into the scriptures the last few days and they have filled and energized me in a way nothing else can.
So, I am making this song my prayer, even as I type. Lord, have your way in me. I am so thankful for a God, that even though I so often botch it up, still will allow me to come before him in worship. What joy!

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7 thoughts on “Every breath that I take, every moment I’m awake

  1. I don’t think I’m familiar with that song. I’ll have to look it up. Who sings it? I am currently struggling with making time to read my Bible every day. I miss it when I don’t, but like you, have all those excuses why I don’t do it.And by the way….did you find anything good at the garage sales you went to? I can’t believe you mentioned that you were going and then didn’t even say what you found! Oh, the torture!God bless 🙂

  2. I still can’t get over all the animals in the bed–just sharing with my one 40 lb dog and my husband is more than enough–LOL.How wonderful that God spoke to you in that way this morning.

  3. Oh Amy, I’m sorry to hear that your grandmother passed. Looking at her looking at Peanut, you can see she was really happy to see you guys.My husband was laughing last night because we had both girls, our dog, and the new kitten, and with me in bed (king size), he wondered where he was going to sleep.Very sweet post, and beautiful song.So did you find anything good at the garage sales?

  4. gotta love that the hub was the one kicked to the couch! 🙂 this post so resonates with my heart…i find i get SO consumed with the unimportant things…and i just am downright lazy when it comes to digging into the Word. i’ve been so encouraged by pastor mark’s last three or four sermons…challenging me to get back to the “core”..Jesus…the reality that without Him life falls apart. oh how i need Jesus!

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