10 Smile Tuesday

So yeah, I’m totally delinquent about posting lately. I have been so delinquent about life lately though, it’s not too much of a suprise. Between the just feeling like I’ve been run over by a Mac Truck mixed with hills and valleys of unbelievable nauseau, it’s just been hard to do anything lately. I’m not really in a thoughtful mood so it’s even hard for me to write things down at this point.

I did start reading, “Gift from the Sea” by Anne Morrow Lindbergh today though, so maybe this will help to put me back into a thoughtful mood. I’ve only read one chapter so far but I really like her ideas on simplifying life. I think I will enjoy this book.

Anyway, you may have noticed that along with my posting delinquency has been a serious lack of pictures. Well, that’s due to not downloading in ages, which I usually do like every other day. I just downloaded like 300 though so I think this train is a rolling now. I thought I would post some of my favorites as part of ten smile Tuesday. They were all taken within the last few weeks.

So, here we go…

1. Lilla and her best friend Jenna at the park last week. They are getting to that stage of hand holding, and I LOVE it! Oh, that I could keep this in a bottle. Too soon it will be wanting to hold boys hands. This is just too sweet!

2. A couple of weeks ago, we took Lilla, Jenna and Maddie to the zoo. So cute to see them enjoy the animals together!
3. I just love these shots of the back of the girls, just watching life together. Just too sweet and totally what friendship should be.
4. And this is what childhood should be. A good laugh and a roll in the grass. What could be better as the weather gets warmer?
5. Does this picture not sing fun to you? Lilla loves the teeter tawter so much! Just a good time.
6. I just think this is a sweet one of the peanut and her cousin.

7. And Michael with the girls.
8. Who doesn’t love the Cracker Barrel rockers?
9. And nothing beats a good turn on the roundy thingy!
10. And last but certainly not least, the peanut on her way to church on Sunday. The pigtails, the sunglasses, the waffle…what is not to love about this picture?
I hope your day is full of smiles too!

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Follower of Jesus Christ. Wife for Life. Mom to 2 girls. Homeschooler. Missions Minded. Book reader. Traveller. Mountain Loving. Tea drinker.

7 thoughts on “10 Smile Tuesday

  1. Oh my goodness! I had no idea you were expecting! congradulations to you and your family I am so excited for you! I love all the pictures how fun! She is really growing and I love your banner how in the world did you do that?Anyway hope all is well and may God continue to bless your sweet little family!Jacy

  2. Great pics… sorry to hear you are feeling sooo blah! Glad you are feeling well enough to post comments on my blog… I am honored!I have some ginger candies for you, I couldn’t find the button to click an email over to you.Let me know if you’d like to give them a try!Hugs to you!Bobbie *Ü*

  3. Amy,I have been such a bad blog buddy.. I’ve not visited anyone in so long. Imagine my surprise and JOY when I found out you were expecting!!! CONGRATULATIONS!I love it when God shows up in our lives with such amazing blessings.I’m so excited for you. Take care,Brenda (sorry if this is a double post, I don’t see my prior comment.)

  4. Ok all of those pics are just so sweet!!! Thanks for the smile :)And…you MUST go play frisbee golf. I totally stink at throwing a frisbee and I still have fun! It’s good exercise too. (But stay away from the park wackos)God bless 🙂

  5. P.S. ‘Fess up. How did you make that banner up there at the top. I’ve been trying to figure it out for days now, and I still have no clue!! Do tell!

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