Sick and tired of being sicked and tired

So, I am posting from the hospital right now. Fortunately, not laid up in some hard little bed with rails like a trapped animal, but from the waiting room. Which, I might point out, is quite appropriately named in this case. I have been here for hours, and, there is no sign of movement anytime soon. Although, there are only a couple of more people in here with me. What seems to be the problem? Not a clue! I think they just like to see how long people wait before they decide all their problems really can be solved with a bottle of aspirin, some alcohol and a band-aid.

My personal problem is a cough, which, I believe has led to a sore throat. Which, has led to sore ears. Actually, I am beginning to believe it is post nasal drip that started the whole matter. I know, that might be a little bit of TMI, but it is the truth in technical terms. I’ve got some serious sinus issues going on and I think the grody stuff in the back of my throat may be the actual root of all evil. My husband has been trying to get me to go to the doctor for days but I have refused as I didn’t want to bring the peanut in to the biggest germ fest in town. Now, they have me sitting here with a surgical mask and 10 month old magazines to pass the time. I’m not kidding, there is an US with Nicole Richie on the cover stating she’s prego. Unless she is again, that is one OLD magazine!

Fortunately I brought along my rusty trusty old laptop and fortunately, they have internet access. Which, is amazing in itself since I live in small town USA. I have no idea how secure this internet, but fortunately I do absolutely no banking or business on here so there are no secrets out. Besides getting in to my blah blah blogging spot. OK, so if suddenly you all have spam from me that states YOU CAN HAVE AN ERECTION FOR LONGER THAN ANY PERSON EVER SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO, you know what happened. This, is why I have finally been able to make it over to visiting so many of your sites. Just thank the HC Hospital!

Now, my husband has a stomach flu and the peanut is the only non-sicky in the house. God love antibiotics for that! I just wish it would warm up so we could open the doors and get out the bugs! Unfortunately, it’s like 3 degrees out there. It’s supposed to get up in the 30’s this week. Woo hoo, clearly, spring is on it’s way. LOL

Oh, and here’s your funny for the day. We were sitting down to dinner and Michael said to the peanut, “Do you want to come and sit over here?” Here answer? “No way!”

That’s good stuff!

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2 thoughts on “Sick and tired of being sicked and tired

  1. Feel better soon. This has been a tough winter all around sickness wise. Would have been nice if the CDC could have produced a flu shot that actually worked on this years batch of flus! (gosh doesn’t that look funny!)

  2. Amy, I hope by now you are fully recovered. Sitting in a waiting room when you are ill – not fun at all!

    I also am captivated by the show Intervention. I look forward to the updates at the end to see if we can rejoice in their victory or mourn their relapse. I have such a compassion for those that fight addictions since I’ve seen how very real that struggle is. Yet, I also know that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood.

    Take care,

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