I need heat!

So lately I’ve been thinking about the peanut’s second birthday party.  I know it’s not until February but I like to think ahead!  So I’ve been contemplating theme, food and most importantly, where it will be.  The problem is I live in the midwest and it is cold here in Feb.  If we decide to invite all of my husband’s siblings it will be a house full!  So, what do you do for extra space?  Open the garage!  Of course it is cold in there and opposed to everyone bringing their arctic jackets, mittens and Russian style hats, wouldn’t it be nice to have a garage heater? We could all be toasty and not feel cramped in…I think we need to check into that!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kellan
    Oct 17, 2007 @ 17:26:32

    I think it sounds very cozy. We had a party once (western theme – anniversary) where we had to put tables and stuff in the garage – that’s where everyone ended up. See ya.


  2. carrie211
    Oct 17, 2007 @ 19:10:48

    Sounds like a good idea to me. Why not? What’s your theme going to be, have you decided yet?
    God bless 🙂


  3. baba's blog
    Oct 17, 2007 @ 23:59:41

    When my granddaughter turned two years old, she had a bubble party in the house down in the finished basement.Check out my pictures from the party on my blog back in February 2007. baba


  4. Christine
    Oct 18, 2007 @ 00:17:05

    Awwww….Lindsay will be two in Feb. too.

    Space heaters work great. I had one I used under my desk at work because it was right by the front door and everytime someone opened the door, I’d get a cold rush of air right under my desk.

    How about a butterfly theme, ballerina, or princess theme?
    It will be fun to find out what you decide!


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