Photohunters – Curvy

See how curvy the dog’s tail is? Do you think she knew it was about to be grabbed?!?! The picture is of my daughter with the dog we had for one week, Daisy. We had to take her back on Thursday because she kept escaping from our yard. Being that we have a 6 foot buried fence you’d think she couldn’t, but she kept finding ways. We are so sad. Unfortunately, we live on a very busy road and she probably would have been killed sooner or later.
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7 thoughts on “Photohunters – Curvy

  1. Awesome picture! How sad for you, but best for her. We had one that had to go back as well. But we have since found the perfect match for our Sunny dog…Thanks for the smile!

  2. Sorry to hear that the dog cannot stay longer. Why don’t apply a registered tag for her so that people won’t kill her. In Malaysia, we can do that.

  3. Actually, no one would kill her purposely, we were afraid she’d be hit by a car and be killed. It would be horrible for someone to purposely kill her…ewww!

  4. Ahh, I love beagles. We even have two because we like them so much. Funny thing, one of them is named Ellie (like yours). Thanks for stopping by and commenting.Many Blessings,Trina

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