Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

OK, so there are really no snails in this tale, but the rest of the title is true. It’s only Saturday night and the weekend has been so eventful already. I just feel like the last two days have been rushing by as I’ve been so busy! All self imposed, but busy nonetheless!

A picture of the peanut today…cute!!

Yesterday, a new friend I met at preschool storytime at the library, came over for a playdate. Her daughter is a couple of months younger than the peanut and they were so cute to watch play together. They are still at an age where they are not really playing together, together but more near each other. They are learning though and gave each other some hugs and kisses as they day wore on. After they left, the peanut slept for 3 1/2 hours! That is crazy! And she only woke up because I had to go deliver a meal to someone who had a child. We then went to the park for a bit and came home for our nightly routine.

We woke up this morning and had to take the dog we got 2 weeks ago, Jake, back to the Humane Society. 2 days ago he attacked Ellie Mae, the most passive dog on the planet, and we knew it wouldn’t work. They didn’t tell us she was aggressive when it came to other dogs and food. When Ellie would just go near a bone or food she would go nuts on her. It totally just didn’t work. We were sad because we really liked him, but we have to protect Ellie, and the peanut for that matter. What if she would have put her hand near her food? Not good!

Unfortunately, the humane society we got her from was an hour and a half away so we had to go all the way there to drop him off. My husband wanted to look at some other dogs, which we did and didn’t see any other dogs that would fit us. When we were pulling out though, the dogs that had been brought out to the community were being brought in and so they stopped us. Of course, they had a beagle, which I now have laying next to me. Yeah, we got another one. We said we never would again, but they just seem to fit our family well. Her name is Daisy.

Seriously, is this dog not just too cute? Unfortunately, we have no idea how it happened, but when we went in to give the peanut a bath she got out of our five foot, very secure fence and got hit by a car. At least that’s what the lady across the street said. We didn’t hear anything, but I suppose it could have. We caught her in the field behind us, she’s not hurt at all, thank the good Lord for that. I could really, seriously smell alcohol on this lady’s breath so I just don’t know. Anyway, we are going to have to chain her up when we are not out there with her until we can figure out how she did it. Maybe she scaled it, the little Houdini. I’m just so thankful she is ok.

Also, she’s obsessed with the chickens. Totally my fault since I let them out in front of her to wander for a bit. She chased them and actually had one cornered sniffing it, you could hearing that thing squwaking forever away! Luckily my hubby got down there quickly enough to get the poor girl, ugh! What have I started?!?!

Oh, and as for the snakes, my husband found one while mowing our yard today…ugh! I hope he’s not taken up residence in our much too high yard of weeds. I’m telling you, it doesn’t rain in forever and the grass doesn’t grow then all of a sudden it rains a couple of days and the grass goes nuts but you can’t cut it because it’s so wet. Oh man our grass is long after just 1 week! Crazy!! And I shouldn’t even say grass, holy cow is it a huge pile of weeds. And there’s so much of it forget trying to stop it. Our yard is huge all of a sudden! Love, love, love it!

Well anyway, it’s about time for bed. Tomorrow is another big day of church on another side of town, Hungary meeting and then my goddaughter’s 2nd birthday…busy, busy day!

Take care all and thanks for visiting!


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